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Thomas and the Tiger is a mini book.


Thomas is delivering tigers to the new wildlife park and later sees a stripy tail moving in an old works shed. Percy sees two eyes looking at him and he goes to tell Thomas. The next day, his driver and fireman are reading the newspaper and read that tigers have escaped the wildlife park. Thomas remembers what he and Percy saw, and tells his driver to look in the old work shed. When they pass by, they see a tigress and her cubs. They tell the Fat Controller and call the keeper. The keeper thanks Thomas and names one of the cubs "Thomas".



  • An abandoned steam engine loosely resembling James can be seen inside an old engine shed.
  • In the UK and Australia, it was released with an audio tape or CD of the story read by Andrew Sachs.
  • A faceless red engine in a photo frame that resembles James appears above Sir Topham Hatt in his office.
  • Thomas' whistle sound in the audio version would eventually be used for Spencer in the television series.


  • Percy's wheels are grey and his siderods are not drawn properly.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Korean 토머스와 호랑이