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This article is about ninth series episode. You may be looking for the DVD.

“You were right, Henry. In future, I shall leave pulling the heavy loads to you.”

Thomas and the Toy Shop, lengthen and retitled to Thomas and the Toy Workshop in one American release, is the ninth episode of the ninth series.


Thomas is excited for the grand opening of the new toy shop at Knapford station, and he helps deliver the toys to the station. On the day of the grand opening, the Fat Controller tells Henry to pick up a new machine for the toy factory from Brendam Docks and take the last load of toys to the toy shop, and Emily to take the children to the toy shop after school.

Thomas is upset that he was not asked to help with the grand opening of the toy shop, but his chance comes when the stationmaster at Dryaw informs Thomas that Emily has broken down and tells him to pick up the children. After Thomas finishes all his jobs, he collects Annie and Clarabel from Knapford and sets off to collect the children. But on the way, he sees that Henry is still there because his track is blocked after a crate has slipped off Cranky's hook. Thomas has an idea to take both the toys and the children to the toy shop, but Henry says they will be too heavy for Thomas to pull. Thomas is sure he can do it, so he goes on to try it and see what happens.

Thomas arrives at the toy factory and collects the toys. But upon reaching Gordon's Hill, Thomas cannot make it to the top and the whole train pulls Thomas back down to the bottom of the hill. Henry arrives seeing that Thomas is in trouble and offers to help. Henry collects the toys and takes them to Knapford and Thomas collects the children. They finish their jobs and arrive at Knapford Station as the Fat Controller declares the toy shop officially open for the winter holiday season.




  • Going by production order, this is the eighteenth episode of the ninth series.
  • This episode marks the only time with three things:
    • The only appearance of the toy shop, as the sign above the windows does not appear in any other episode of the ninth series or any other series.
    • Annie and Clarabel's only speaking roles in the ninth series and their last speaking roles until the eleventh series episode, Thomas in Trouble.
    • The only episode that not aired on MiniMini from this series in Poland.
  • In the scene where the window of the toy shop is shown, a poster of Thomas from Tank Engine Thomas Again (Thomas and the Guard to be exact) is visible. In the same scene, there is also a Toys for Tots poster.
  • From this episode within the ninth series until the twelfth series, the teeth on the lower lip of Thomas' unused third series anxious face disappeared.


  • When Thomas slides down Gordon's Hill and applies his brakes, his wheels stop in the first and third angles, but in the second camera angle, they are still moving. Then, nearly at the bottom, his brakes are on.
  • In the Spanish dub, Cranky is referred to as Henry when he says, "That crate slipped off my hook!”
  • When Henry pulls up alongside Thomas at the foot of Gordon’s Hill, a steam platform is visible.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas e a Loja de Brinquedos
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯和玩具店
Croatian Tomica i dućan s igračkama
Czech Tomáš a hračkářství
Dutch Thomas en de Speelgoedwinkel
Finnish Tuomas ja lelukauppa
French Thomas et les Jouets
German Thomas und der Spielzeugladen
Greek Στο εργαςτήριο παιχνίδιων
Hungarian Thomas és a játékbolt
Italian Thomas e il Negozio di Giocattoli
Japanese トーマスとおもちゃやさん
Korean 장난감 가게
Latin American Spanish Thomas y la Juguetería
Norwegian Thomas og leketøysbutikken
Polish Tomek i Sklep z Zabawkami
Portuguese Thomas e a Loja de Brinquedos
Romanian Thomas și Magazinul de Jucării
Russian Томас и магазин игрушек
Scottish Gaelic Tòmas Agus A' Bhuth Dheideagan
Spanish Thomas y la Tienda de Juguetes
Swedish Thomas och leksaksaffären
Turkish Thomas ve Oyuncak Atölyesi

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