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“I can't believe we saw a giant panda in the wild and all because of you, Thomas.”

Thomas in the Wild is the seventh episode of the twenty-second series.


Thomas is taking a film crew to a nature reserve in China to make a film about Giant Pandas. He is excited by the prospect of seeing one in the wild, but An An and Yin-Long tell him it is hard to find Giant Pandas in the Wild. Thomas however is determined to look for one anyway.

While on his way to the nature reserve, Thomas tries to keep a look out for a Giant Panda. He stops when he sees what he thinks is one but is dismayed to find it is only a Red Panda. This excites the film crew, who film the rare animal. However, everything that An An and Yin-Long say to Thomas makes him still determined to look for a Giant Panda.

Thomas soon sees what he thinks is a Giant Panda up ahead, but is again dismayed to find it is an Asian Black Bear. The film crew are again pleased to film it, but Thomas refuses to give up looking for the Panda. He soon stops when he thinks that he sees some and is proven correct.

Thomas then heads straight for the nature reserve, where he sees what he thinks are more Asian Black Pandas. However, these are just people in Panda costumes so as to not get the panda cubs used to seeing people. The film crew tell Thomas that the Giant Panda cubs will be looked after by the people and then released back into the wild so that there will be more giant pandas and they will not disappear forever. Thomas is then congratulated by An An and Yin-Long for not giving up despite everything and finding the Giant Pandas.


A giant panda also speaks in the fantasy scene.




US and CAN

  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Dan Li as Yong Bao
  • Siu-see Hung as An An
  • Windson Liong as Yin-Long
  • Rob Rackstraw as the Film Crew Leader and the Giant Panda


  • Going by production order, this is the nineteenth episode of the twenty-second series.[1]
  • On Nick Jr. in the US, this episode was paired with Number One Engine. On 27th December 2018, it was re-paired with What Rebecca Does in future airings.
  • A model series biff sound effect is used throughout the episode.
  • The theme of Thomas' fantasy scene is a variation of "Teddy Bears' Picnic" composed by John Walter Bratton.
  • This is the only episode of the twenty-second series set in China where Hong-Mei appears but does not speak and the only episode not to have Chipo Chung as part of the voice cast.
  • This is the last episode to air in Japan during the Heisei era (1989-2019).
  • This episode focuses on Goal 15: Life on Land as it was part of Mattel's partnership with the United Nations to promote 6 of the chosen Sustainable Development Goals.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Arabic مغامرة في الغابة
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas na Natureza
Chinese 托马斯到野外
Croatian Tomičže u Divljini
Czech Tomáš v divočině
Danish Thomas i den frøjt
Dutch Thomas in het Wild
Finnish Tuomas villinä ja vapaana
German Der Riesenpanda
Hebrew תומס בטבע
Hungarian Thomas a vadonban
Italian Gli Animali della Riserva Naturale
Japanese トーマスとパンダ
Korean 토마스, 판다를 만나다
Latin American Spanish Thomas en la Naturaleza
Norwegian Thomas i villmarken
Polish Tomek i Panda Wielka
Russian В поисках большой панды
Serbian Tomas u Divljini
Spanish Thomas y la Vida Salvaje
Swedish Thomas i vildmarken
Turkish Thomas Vahşi Doğada

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