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Help each other (시즌 3-3편 서로서로 도와요) is a Korean VHS/DVD featuring eight episodes from the eighth series.


  1. Gordon Takes Charge - 선생님이 된 고든
  2. Thomas and the Tuba - 토마스와 나팔 연주자
  3. Henry and the Wishing Tree - 헨리와 소원 나무
  4. Too Hot for Thomas - 아이스크림 배달하기
  5. James Gets a New Coat - 제임스의 새 칠
  6. Thomas to the Rescue - 특별한 증기 기관차, 토마스
  7. As Good as Gordon - 고든처럼 빠르고 싶어!
  8. Halloween - 유령 기관차


  1. Salty
  2. There Once Was an Engine who ran away


  • The DVD features English and Korean audio in both fake 5.1 and 2.0 stereo, as well as Korean and English subtitles.
  • The VHS/DVD comes with a play time 15% discount coupon.


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