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Thomas the Little Engine and Friends Season 4 Vol. 1 (시즌 4-1편) is a Korean VHS/DVD featuring ten episodes from the ninth series.


  1. Thomas and the Rainbow - 무지개의 끝
  2. Respect for Gordon - 덜그럭 퉁탕, 고든
  3. Molly's Special Special - 몰리의 특별 화물
  4. Mighty Mac (episode) - 고집불통 마이티 맥
  5. Thomas' Milkshake Muddle - 덜걱덜걱 우유통
  6. Percy and the Oil Painting - 소도어 섬의 자랑
  7. Thomas and the Birthday Picnic - 토마스와 소풍
  8. Toby Feels Left Out - 박물관은 싫어요
  9. Bold and Brave - 절벽의 저주
  10. Tuneful Toots - 러스티의 경적


  • The DVD features English and Korean audio in both fake 5.1 and 2.0 stereo, as well as Korean and English subtitles.


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