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Thomas the Tank Engine: The Complete Collection is a compilation volume of the Rev. W. Awdry's Railway Series books. The book includes a foreword from the Rev. W. Awdry, plus an afterword by biographer Brian Sibley, along with biographies of the Rev. W. Awdry and the illustrators, and a map of Sodor by Peter Edwards in the endpapers.

Stories included

  1. The Three Railway Engines (1945)
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine (1946)
  3. James the Red Engine (1948)
  4. Tank Engine Thomas Again (1949)
  5. Troublesome Engines (1950)
  6. Henry the Green Engine (1951)
  7. Toby the Tram Engine (1952)
  8. Gordon the Big Engine (1953)
  9. Edward the Blue Engine (1954)
  10. Four Little Engines (1955)
  11. Percy the Small Engine (1956)
  12. The Eight Famous Engines (1957)
  13. Duck and the Diesel Engine (1958)
  14. The Little Old Engine (1959)
  15. The Twin Engines (1960)
  16. Branch Line Engines (1961)
  17. Gallant Old Engine (book) (1962)
  18. Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine (1963)
  19. Mountain Engines (1964)
    • Mountain Engine
    • Bad Look-Out
    • Danger Points
    • "Devil's Back"
  20. Very Old Engines (1965)
    • Crosspatch
    • Bucking Bronco
    • Stick-in-the-Mud
    • Duck and Dukes
  21. Main Line Engines (1966)
  22. Small Railway Engines (1967)
  23. Enterprising Engines (1968)
  24. Oliver the Western Engine (1969)
  25. Duke the Lost Engine (1970)
  26. Tramway Engines (1972)

Characters introduced


  • Despite its name, it does not contain all of the volumes of the Railway Series, as it is lacking Christopher Awdry's works. A sequel of sorts to this book was released in 2007, named Thomas the Tank Engine: The New Collection, and it contains all of Christopher Awdry's books, with the exeption of Thomas and his Friends due to the book not being published yet.
  • The 2005 edition features artwork print sheets by C. Reginald Dalby.
  • The 70th Anniversary edition was published on the same day from thirty years, after the television series had made its debut on UK televisions on 9 October 1984.
  • The Japanese version was published in commemoration of the 40th anniversary from the publication of the Railway Series in Japan.


  • Reginald Payne is uncredited.
  • The endpaper features Bertie with a yellow face, Harold without rotors, Edward on top and bottom left side without his tender and Percy on the top and bottom right side without his face.
  • On the 1996 edition's dust cover, two illustrations from Gordon the Big Engine and Tank Engine Thomas Again appear twice.

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