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Thomas the Tank Engine (Japanese: きかんしゃトーマスとなかまたち "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends") is a PlayStation game developed by Bandai. It was exclusively released in Japan in 2000.



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  • The game has a pre-rendered CGI cutscene at the beginning.
  • In one minigame, the custom engines use Percy's, Thomas', or Peter Sam's whistles at different pitches.
  • References to Thomas' Train, Off the Rails, Down the Mine, Percy Takes the Plunge, Trust Thomas and Thomas and the Special Letter are made.
  • Thomas has his whistle sound from the fourth series to the fifth series episode Baa!. This is the last occurrence of this.
  • Edward has his whistle sound from the fourth to the fifth series.
  • Gordon shares Duck's whistle sound as he did in the fourth and (occasionally) in the fifth series.
  • James has his whistle sound from the fourth to the fifth series episode Make Someone Happy.


  • Donald has his whistle sound three steps higher pitch which is also Duck's whistle two steps higher pitch.
  • Sir Handel has Oliver's whistle sound.
  • Bill has George's whistle sound at a higher pitch, while Ben has his whistle sound at regular pitch.
  • Trevor's whistle sound is lower-pitched.
  • James' wheels have been coloured grey in almost every minigame, they could however be coloured black in James' colouring game.
  • Duck's handrails are yellow when they should be grey.
  • In Percy's sound matching game, Percy's funnel is put on the wrong spot. It is supposed to be on his smokebox, not on the boiler.
  • In the racing and length measuring games, Henry's siderods do not appear to be connected to his driving wheels.
  • In Toby's level crossing game, the sheep disappear when the evening starts to fall.
  • Peter Sam has his old funnel.
  • Sir Handel and Peter Sam appear to be running on the same gauge as the standard gauge engines.