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This article is about the Scandinavian VHS/DVD. You may be looking for the video game or the Serbian DVD.

Thomas the Tank Engine 2, later renamed Thomas in Trouble, is a Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish/Icelandic VHS/DVD featuring eleven first series episodes. In the Netherlands it was released under the title The Great Race! in 2004 and re-released as Thomas Goes Fishing in 2010.


  1. Thomas Goes Fishing
  2. Thomas, Terence and the Snow
  3. Thomas and Bertie
  4. Tenders and Turntables
  5. Trouble in the Shed
  6. Percy Runs Away
  7. Coal
  8. The Flying Kipper
  9. Whistles and Sneezes
  10. Toby and the Stout Gentleman
  11. Thomas in Trouble


  • The front cover for the Norwegian VHS, Swedish VHS/DVD and Icelandic DVD feature a deleted scene from Mind that Bike.
  • The Dutch DVD's cover features a photo from The Trouble with Mud which is not featured on the DVD.
  • The 2004 Dutch DVD is the earliest DVD release to feature the restored masters of Thomas episodes, along with ...Taken by the Nose!, both being released on the same day.


  • On the back of the 2010 Dutch Moefie Klub! re-release DVD, the description states that there is more than an hour and a half of content. However, the DVD only has a runtime of 55 minutes