The Thomas the Tank Engine Book Club is a series of books published by Grolier in the UK and Australia and Scholastic in the US and Canada in 1995. Each of the books feature two stories from the Railway Series by either the Reverend W. Awdry or Christopher Awdry. In 2002, some of these books received a re-release which renamed the series to Thomas & Friends club. In the re-release, the cover style was changed and the books are now double-sided, meaning that one side contains the first story while the other contains the second.


  1. A Close Shave - Dirty Work and A Close Shave
  2. Bertie's Chase - Bertie's Chase and Old Iron
  3. Bowled Out - Bowled Out and Dirty Objects
  4. Bull's-Eyes - Bull's-Eyes and Percy's Predicament
  5. Buzz, Buzz - Buzz Buzz and Wrong Road
  6. Duck and Dukes - Cross Patch and Duck and Dukes
  7. Edward and Gordon - Edward's Day Out and Edward and Gordon
  8. Gallant Old Engine - Passengers and Polish and Gallant Old Engine
  9. Gordon the Big Engine - Leaves and Paint Pots and Queens
  10. Henry the Green Engine - Coal and The Flying Kipper
  11. Home at Last - Home at Last and Rock 'n' Roll
  12. "Hullo Twins!" - Hullo Twins and Little Old Twins
  13. James in Trouble - James and the Bootlaces and Dirty Objects
  14. James the Red Engine - Troublesome Trucks and James and the Express
  15. Off the Rails - Off the Rails and Down the Mine
  16. Old Faithful - Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady and Old Faithful
  17. Percy and Harold - Percy and Harold and Percy Takes the Plunge
  18. Percy in Disguise - Ghost Train and Woolly Bear
  19. Percy Runs Away - Percy Runs Away and Percy's Promise
  20. Percy the Small Engine - Percy and the Signal and Duck Takes Charge
  21. Saved from Scrap - Cows! and Saved from Scrap
  22. The Deputation - Break Van and the Deputation
  23. The Sad Story of Henry - The Sad Story of Henry and Edward, Gordon and Henry
  24. Thomas and Bertie - Thomas and the Guard and Thomas and Bertie
  25. Thomas and Gordon - Thomas and Gordon and Thomas' Train
  26. Thomas and Terence - Thomas, Terence and the Snow and Thomas Goes Fishing
  27. Thomas Comes to Breakfast - Thomas Comes to Breakfast and Daisy
  28. Thomas the Tank Engine - Thomas and the Trucks and Thomas and the Breakdown Train
  29. Toby the Tram Engine - Toby and the Stout Gentleman and Thomas in Trouble
  30. Troublesome Engines - Tenders and Turntables and Trouble in the Shed
  31. Trucks! - Trucks and The Missing Coach
  32. Henry and the Elephant - Henry and the Elephant and Fire Engine
  33. James and the Diesel Engines - Crossed Lines and Deep Freeze
  34. Thomas the Runaway - Thomas, Percy and the Coal and The Runaway


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