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The Three-Track Level Crossing is a level crossing situated on a curve on the Main Line. There is a cottage for the gatekeeper nearby. On one side of the crossing gates, there is a single track which splits off from the rest before the gates. It is currently unknown where this track leads.

It first appeared in the eleventh series, then returned in CGI in the thirteenth series, and has made frequent appearances in every series since



  • The crossing has undergone several aesthetic changes throughout the series:
    • Series 13:
      • A new track which runs parallel to the rest before splitting off near the crossing is added.
      • The roof of the cottage becomes a darker shade of grey.
    • Series 17:
      • The cottage is now coloured brown rather than cream.
      • The fourth track is removed and the branching track is connected to the Main Line.
    • Series 19:
      • A paved area is added behind the cottage.
    • Series 22:
      • The cottage changes colour again, this time to a shade of grey.
      • The roads around the crossing change from paved to dirt.
  • The crossing has appeared in every series of the CGI era with the exception of the twenty-first, in which it only appears in a deleted scene.