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The Three-Track Level Crossing is a level crossing situated on a curve on the Main Line. There is a cottage for the gatekeeper nearby. On one side of the crossing gates, there is a single track which splits off from the rest before the gates. It is currently unknown where this track leads.



  • The crossing has undergone several aesthetic changes throughout the series:
    • Series 13:
      • A new track which runs parallel to the rest before splitting off near the crossing is added.
      • The roof of the cottage becomes a darker shade of grey.
    • Series 17:
      • The cottage is now coloured brown rather than cream.
      • The fourth track is removed and the branching track is connected to the Main Line.
    • Series 19:
      • A paved area is added behind the cottage.
    • Series 22:
      • The cottage changes colour again, this time to a shade of grey.
      • The roads around the crossing change from paved to dirt.
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