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Tidmouth Bay (also known as Castle Station) is a station, a village and a castle located near Tidmouth.

Once, a fair was organised here by Harry Topper. James took Mrs. Kyndley on a mystery tour to the fair as a special surprise, where she got to open the fair and had the first ride on the carousel.[1] Alicia Botti and the Sodor Brass Band have also been known to perform here.

In the sixth series, it was said to be part of a new loop line which Edward and Stepney briefly worked.[2]



  • Oddly there is no body of water near this location despite having 'Bay' in the location name.
  • In the book Christmas in Wellsworth, Tidmouth Bay is used to depict Rolf's Castle.
  • The 2014 poll from SiF - which was based on the Sam Wilkinson map of Sodor from the same year - incorrectly places this station on Toby's Branch Line, despite it being stated to be somewhere in the Tidmouth area.