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This article is about the castle tunnel. You may be looking for the south tunnel.

Tidmouth Tunnel, also known as the Castle Tunnel, is a tunnel on Duck's Branch Line located just north of Tidmouth.

In the television series, this is where James once tried smoking bees off his boiler.



  • Tidmouth Tunnel has had numerous modifications throughout the years:
    • Series 7:
      • The architecture of tunnel changes.
      • The lake became significantly smaller.
      • The rock face is absent.
    • Series 9:
      • A siding was added to the other side of the tunnel.
    • Tale of the Brave:
      • The tunnel's architecture returned to its original design.
      • The lake returned to the size seen in the third series.
      • The rock face returns.
  • The tunnel's model that would appear in the seventh series onwards was first used for a set in the sixth series episode, Jack Frost.
  • In the television series, the tunnel was first named in an eighth series learning segment.
  • The tunnel is based on Clayton Tunnel in West Sussex.