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Tidmouth Yards is a large yard located near Tidmouth.


The Railway Series

When the headquarters for the North Western Railway moved from Vicarstown to Tidmouth in 1925, Tidmouth Yards became the main yards for the railway. Initially, a little blue tank engine was in charge of the yard, however he was later either reallocated or sent away.

When the big engines went on strike, Percy became the head shunter of the yard and station. He was later replaced by Duck as yard shunter when he left to help with the expansion of Knapford Harbour in 1955.

When Duck got his own branch line in 1967, the yard was once again left without a shunter. Nowadays, the shunting appears to be handled by James and the Scottish Twins.

The warehouses for Light Engineering Co. and Bolt and Knutt Engineering Co. are located here.

Thomas & Friends

In the television series, Tidmouth Yards is located next to the station. It first appeared in the second series. Originally, it had one coal hopper, however as of the third series this appears to have been upgraded to two. The yard also contains a turntable as well as Ffarquhar Sheds and The Ffarquhar Stationmaster's House.


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