“Oh, no! Now I must tidy up in here too!”
―The Fat Controller

Tidy-Up Time! is a magazine story.


After a hard day's work, Thomas and his faithful coaches, Annie and Clarabel, go to the Washdown to get cleaned up. The Fat Controller organises some boxes of lost properties that the passengers left behind, and takes them to be stacked on a shelf at the Lost Property office. However the shelf is so full that the items scatter everywhere.

Some lost property items have been stored for years, as the passengers are always leaving their belongings on the trains, but forget to come and collect them. Later Thomas takes the Lost Property special, so that everyone can search for their lost belongings and soon the office is cleaned. The Fat Controller is relieved as he goes back to his own office, but as a gust of wind blows lots of papers out of the table, the Fat Controller has to tidy them up as well.


  • The plot of this story seems to act as an inspiration for the 2011 magazine story, Tidy Thomas.


  • Annie and Clarabel are missing there names on the side of them



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