Tidy Thomas is a magazine story.


Thomas and his coaches are at the wash-down being scrubbed and polished. The Fat Controller insists on having clean and tidy trains, but Thomas reminds him that sometimes the passengers do not help by leaving things in his carriages. A cleaner shows the Fat Controller a box full of lost property. The Fat Controller takes the box to the lost property office himself. He places the items on the full shelf which comes crashing down. Thomas sees what has happened and has an idea.

The next morning, Thomas is loaded with all the lost property and he pulls a train called "The Lost Property Special" which stops at all the stations on Sodor and gives passengers a chance to claim their lost goods. By the end of the week, nearly everything is returned to their owners.

Meanwhile, the Fat Controller is pleased to have a clean lost property office. He goes back to his own office, but suddenly the wind blows his door open and his papers fly everywhere. Now his office needs to be tidied too.



  • This seems somewhat of a re-publish of the 2005 magazine story Tidy-Up Time!.


  • At one point, Annie and Clarabel are called wagons.


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