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Tiger Moth is a yellow and red biplane, who is described to be reckless and daring. In the magazines, Tiger Moth has a face.


Thomas & Friends

Tiger Moth was rude and had a tendency to fly dangerously low on the ground. He once did a dangerous trick above the Fat Controller and his family while they were on holiday. However, he got his comeuppance a few days later when he crashed into a haystack. Harold brought the Fat Controller to the site when they were searching for him after he was reported missing, and the Fat Controller had a stern talk with his pilot, informing him that he and his plane will be grounded when he speaks to his controller about what happened.

Tiger Moth was later seen helping to promote "Harry Topper's Fair" at Tidmouth Bay by carrying a large banner behind him.


Tiger Moth did dangerous tricks to show off and was very rude, but learned his lesson after crashing into a haystack.

Technical Details


Tiger Moth is loosely based on, and named after, a de Havilland Tiger Moth with a radial engine and tail resembling that of a Sopwith Camel. According to an interview with Robert Gauld-Galliers by SiF, Tiger Moth is actually a Nieuport 17 biplane.


Tiger Moth is painted yellow and red.


Official Description

From Official Media:[1]

Bi-Plane: Bi-Plane, known as 'Tiger Moth' caused a lot of trouble during Sir Topham Hatt's holiday. He buzzed Harold who was taking Sir Topham Hatt and his family to their holiday home and then went missing. He was found sticking out of a haystack where he crashed - Sir Topham Hatt was so cross he grounded Tiger Moth until further notice.

Historical Note: Bi-Plane is a colourful training plane based on the classic designs of the 1930's such as the de Havilland 82 "Tiger Moth", of which over 7,000 were built, powered by a single, in-line engine. Today, they may be seen at air-shows sometimes in acrobatic displays, including a special "Tiger Ground" of nine air acrobats.

From Official Website:[2]

Tiger Moth: Tiger Moth is a bi-plane that likes to fly low and cause a big disturbance, which Harold thinks is very rude. His favourite thing to do is show off, which sometimes leads him into trouble. It is this dare-devil attitude that forced Sir Topham Hatt to ground him while he was on vacation.

Fun Fact: Tiger Moth is not only his name, but us also the type of bi-plane he is.


  • The red and yellow paint work resembles the Tiger Moth model (and plane for the live-action footage) in the "Thunderbirds" movie "Thunderbird 6". In addition, David Mitton worked for Gerry Anderson on the original programme and subsequent show Anderson created.
  • In the Russian dub, it is referred to as Bear Moth.
  • Despite never having a face in the television series, Tiger Moth gained one in the magazine stories, which looks a little identical to James'.
  • In Railway Adventures, there are similar planes located at Elsbridge.
  • On the packaging of his Ertl toy, Tiger Moth is referred to as a "Bi-Plane", the type of plane that he is based on.
  • Tiger Moth's television series model is currently on display at Drayton Manor Theme Park.


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