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Time For a Story is a magazine story illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One morning, the Fat Controller gives Thomas the important job of taking some new books to the library for the children's story time. Thomas is very excited about his special job and sets off at once.

When he arrives at Maithwaite, Thomas couples up to the trucks of books and pulls away before the stationmaster can put a cover over the books to keep them secure. Thomas is so keen to get to the library and see the children's smiling faces that he ignores signs about track repairs. Thomas races over the wobbly rails which cause his trucks to derail. All of the new books spill onto Farmer McColl's Field. Thomas is very upset; he has ruined the children's fun. Then he has an idea.

Thomas races away to collect Annie and Clarabel before steaming to the School where he picks up the children and their teacher. They are very confused when Thomas takes them to the farm instead of the library. The children sit in the field with all the colourful books surrounding them. Thomas smiles happily as the teacher starts to read a story and he chuckles as he hears the story is about a little engine who learns to be patient.




  • Thomas is said to collect the children from the school, but he actually picks them up from the Town Square.


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