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Time for Trouble and Other Stories (Also known as Volume 8 in New Zealand) is a UK/Australian/New Zealand VHS release featuring the first eight third series episodes narrated by Michael Angelis. The New Zealand release was narrated by George Carlin.



Thomas, everyone's favourite little blue engine, returns with a full head of steam for these brand new adventures!


  1. A Scarf for Percy - Percy dreams of wearing a nice, warm scarf around his funnel to keep out the winter winds. What a surprise he gets when his wish comes true!
  2. Percy's Promise - Percy makes a promise to Thomas and despite a terrible storm, he manages to bring Annie & Clarabel home safely.
  3. Time for Trouble - James is asked to pull the Express and becomes proud and boastful. His impatience lands him in an undignified situation.
  4. Gordon and the Famous Visitor - An important engine visits the yard. Everyone is excited, except Gordon - who doesn't trust domeless engines.
  5. Donald's Duck - Duck is given his own branch line to work on and following a practical joke with Donald, he makes a new friend.
  6. Thomas Gets Bumped - Bertie helps out while Thomas waits for new rails to be laid on his branch line. Thomas is needlessly jealous.
  7. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon - Percy has a terrible fright when he confronts a huge Dragon, but nobody believes him. Luckily, Thomas explains everything.
  8. Diesel Does it Again - Percy and Duck are outraged when Diesel arrives at the harbour. Disaster follows.


  • This is the first VHS in the UK to release episodes before they aired on television.
  • An early UK release of this video included Michael Angelis' original recording that was later re-recorded for television broadcasts and home entertainment releases following this. It also included the credits shown with a still of the final shot of each episode that was later replaced with a still shot of Thomas.
  • The Australian release was the first one originally released by Roadshow Entertainment, preceding volumes were originally released by Festival Records.
  • On the UK and New Zealand releases, the Britt Allcroft endboard does not appear until after Diesel Does it Again.


  • On the New Zealand release, a section with the line, "The buffers weren't secure" is omitted from Diesel Does it Again. As a result, only two trucks are shown being pushed into the sea before cutting to the next shot which shows all five trucks sunken.


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