“There goes a woolly jumper!”

Time for a Trim is a short magazine story.


In the hills along Thomas' Branch Line, Sam the Shepherd is bringing in the sheep with the help of his collie dog, Beth who rounds up the flock and guides them back to the farm where they are herded into a pen.

Meanwhile, Thomas arrives at the farm with Sir Topham Hatt and his grandson, Stephen. The Fat Controller wants to show his grandson a sheep being sheared by some experts call sheep-shearers who Thomas has also brought to the farm. Soon, the shearers skilfuly start to shave each sheep's fleece off. Sam tells Stephen that the sheep will be much more comfortable in the warm weather once they have been clipped. Suddenly, one sheep jumps out of the pen and makes a run for it, but Beth the sheepdog quickly rounds up the runaway.

At last, it is time for the farm's visitors to go home. As Stephen sits in Thomas' carriage with his grandfather, he complains he is too hot. The Fat Controller looks at the boy's head and says he knows what Stephen needs. Stephen hopes it's an ice-cream, but the Fat Controller thinks Stephen needs a haircut like the sheep.



  • Thomas' first boiler band seems to extend right around his smokebox.
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