“Strange. We don't usually take coaches to the harbour.”

To the Harbour is a magazine story.


One Sunday morning, the engines are surprised to see their crews. When Sir Topham Hatt tells them special trains are needed, the engines begin to worry that there must be lots of trucks. When Sir Topham Hatt tells the engines to get coaches from the yard, they are puzzled until they pull into the harbour and see a huge cruise ship. Sir Topham Hatt tells them the passengers have come to tour the railway. The engines are excited to take the passengers around. When the visitors leave, the engines agree that it had been a great day after all.



  • This magazine story is a rewrite of the magazine story The Big Ship.


  • In the third illustration, Thomas' body is not drawn completely. It seems to end after the steam.
  • All the engines have white couplings.


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