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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story or the DVD.

“I can't arrive at the picnic on such a dirty train! What would my public say?”
―Allicia Botti

Toby's Triumph is the sixteenth episode of the eleventh series.


It is autumn on the Island of Sodor and the engines are getting ready for the harvest festival. The Fat Controller arrives at Tidmouth Sheds and gives Toby the job to take Allicia Botti to a special picnic for a concert. When the Fat Controller says that Allicia Botti is an important passenger, Toby starts to worry that he might make a mistake and is still worried while he and Henrietta are given a washdown and the Refreshment Lady sets up a special tea for Allicia Botti.

When Toby leaves Maron, he goes too fast when he reaches a bend and stops too quickly when the signal turns red, which makes all the food and tea spill. Toby then makes another mistake by puffing onto a dusty branch line, and it covers him and Henrietta in leaves. When Thomas puffs by pulling tomatoes, he says hello to Toby and asks what happened to him, but Toby does not hear him as he is still worried. Toby is so worried he does not see Jem Cole or hear Elizabeth trying to warn him about the big puddle of mud on the track, but Toby is going too fast to stop in time and he splashes into the puddle and he and Henrietta get covered in mud.

Toby arrives at the Airport, but Allicia Botti is upset because she cannot arrive on a dirty train, so she arranges for Toby and Henrietta to be washed down and Toby stops worrying. After they are shiny and clean, Toby puffs to the picnic with Allicia Botti and arrives on time without any mistakes.




  • For unknown reasons, when the episode aired on PBS Kids in the US and Nick Jr. in the UK, the scene of the Fat Controller arriving is actually mirrored, but since it was full-screen and Toby's number could not be seen, it cannot be determined.
  • When the workmen whistle, they can be heard whistling Toby's theme.
  • Jem Cole, who now has grey hair and a beard, is the farmer.
  • The bridge that appears at the start of the episode is actually the Maron station set redressed.
  • This episodes marks the speaking roles of two characters:
  • Despite being the title character, Toby only has two lines in this episode, so Allicia Botti has a leading role in this episode instead of Toby.
  • This episode marks the last of two things to date for the Refreshment Lady:
    • Her last appearance in an episode.
    • The last time that she is referred to by name.
  • Elizabeth gains a new face mask which only appears in this episode, which was her unused shocked expression that was originally made for the sixth series.
  • The part where Toby goes through an overgrown branchline, is almost similar to the fifth series episode, Toby's Discovery.


  • Gordon has Edward's whistle sound.
  • There are trucks blocking in front of Toby's way at Tidmouth Sheds.
  • After Henrietta bumps Toby, the narrator says "All the cakes fell onto the floor," but some of the cakes stay on the table.
  • Half of the car parking lot at Maron is replaced with trees.
  • Lady Hatt's model from the tenth series episode, The Green Controller and from Topped Off Thomas is used in the crowd scene, but Lady Hatt is at the picnic.
  • In some scenes, Toby's eyes are misaligned.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O Truinfo de Toby
Chinese Mandarin 托比的胜利
Czech Tobyho úspěch
Danish Tobys triumf
Dutch Toby’s Triomf
German Tobys großer Tag
Hungarian Toby, a győztes
Japanese トビーとゆうめいなかしゅ
Korean 잘 할 수 있어
Norwegian Tobys seier
Romanian Triumful lui Toby
Russian Триумф Тоби
Spanish El Triunfo de Toby
Swedish Tobys triumf

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