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Toby Feels Left Out is a South African DVD featuring three episodes from the ninth season.


The Sodor Museum is opening and Sir Topham announces that all the engines at Tidmouth Sheds are to have a special repaint. When Toby hears this, he wonders why he's not being repainted and concludes that he must be being put inside the museum - he's old enough after all. Desperate to prove how useful he is, he does all the other engines' work while they are being painted. But every time Sir Topham approaches, Toby runs away, scared of what he might say. Toby is very dirty when Sir Topham catches up with him. Toby tries to escape but breaks his axle! He is relieved to learn that he is far too useful to be put in a museum. Sir Topham had been trying to tell him about his special polish for the grand opening - but Toby had been running away. Toby feels silly, but once fixed, he is very proud to be taking the visitors to the museum's grand opening!


  1. Toby Feels Left Out
  2. Rheneas and the Dinosaur


“Welcome to the Steamworks, my friend!”
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