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Toby Gets a New Roof is a Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish DVD featuring seven tenth series episodes. It was renamed Toby's New Roof for the Norwegian release. It was released under the title Toby's New Home for Polish audiences.


This time we get to see when Toby gets trouble with his roof on his shed - it leaks and must be repaired. Toby is not very happy and Thomas soon finds out why. Toby is worried about the bird nest in his old roof. You'll see this and more on the Island of Sodor this time.



  1. Faster Than the Wind
  2. Cheeky Freddie
  3. Which Way is it Now?
  4. Toby Gets a New Roof
  5. The Snowman
  6. Easily Scared Locomotive
  7. Where Are the Trucks?


  1. Thomas and the Top Hat
  2. Fearless Freddie
  3. Which Way?
  4. Toby's New Roof
  5. Thomas and the Snowman
  6. The Cowardly Engine
  7. The Lost Trucks


  1. Hat For Thomas
  2. Fearless Freddie
  3. On the Wrong Track
  4. Toby's New Shed
  5. Thomas' Wintry Friend
  6. The Brave Little Locomotive
  7. The Lost Railcars


  1. Toby's New Home
  2. Thomas in Toffee
  3. Great Strong Henry
  4. Seeing the Island
  5. Thomas and the Shooting Star
  6. Which Way Now


  • On the Norwegian DVD, Topped Off Thomas is renamed "Thomas and the Top Hat", Which Way Now? is renamed "Which Way?", Toby's New Shed is renamed "Toby's New Roof", Thomas' Frosty Friend is renamed "Thomas and the Snowman", Wharf and Peace is renamed "The Cowardly Engine", and Missing Trucks is renamed "The Lost Trucks".


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