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“Thank you, Toby. We couldn't have done it without you."
"No, thank
you! There's nothing I like better than helping out a friend in need.”
―Farmer McColl and Toby

Toby Had a Little Lamb is the twentieth episode of the sixth series.


On his way home during a snowstorm, Toby is flagged down by Farmer McColl. His sheep are due to give birth soon and he urgently needs a vet to check on them. Toby goes to the next signalbox where his driver telephones for a vet.

Toby arrives at the station where the Fat Controller is waiting with the vet, who climbs aboard Duck's cab and Duck sets off to rescue the sheep with his snowplough. However, the snow is now much thicker and the tracks are obstructed. Duck cannot go on, so he returns to the station. Toby suggests using his old line to get to Farmer McColl's, but the Fat Controller knows that Toby's old line cannot take Duck's weight. Toby insists that he should go as he knows the old line and they have got no other choice. So the vet climbs aboard Henrietta and the Fat Controller warns Toby to be careful.

Toby sets off, full of confidence, while a blizzard starts to howl. However, he soon realises that there is something he forgot about - the rickety old bridge spanning a deep gorge. Slowly, Toby pulls Henrietta across the old bridge, which creaks and groans under his weight. Toby is scared, but determined to cross it just for the sake of the sheep. Once across, Toby soon reaches the farm and Farmer McColl is delighted to see them.

The vet and Farmer McColl check the newly-born lambs, but they need warmth and comfort. Toby explains that Henrietta can provide that, so the sheep and lambs stay inside Henrietta until the snow thaws.




  • This is the 150th episode of the television series overall.
  • The title is a play on the nursery rhyme, Mary Had a Little Lamb.
  • Stock footage from Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure is used.
  • This is one of the six episodes of the sixth series re-narrated by Michael Brandon in the US dub and Michael Angelis in the UK dub with music composed by Robert Hartshorne.
  • This episode marks Duck's last individual speaking role in the television series until the twelfth series episode, Excellent Emily.
  • Farmer McColl's name is used in Michael Brandon and Michael Angelis' re-dubs, but not in the original Michael Angelis or Alec Baldwin dubs. In fact, Alec Baldwin has never referred to McColl by his actual name.
  • The close up of Henrietta's interior is actually the interior of a red branch line coach.
  • This is the first episode to feature Toby's unused depressed face from the fourth series.
  • This episode marks the only of a few things:


  • When Duck tries to push through the snow, his driver is thin-faced and black-haired, but when he returns to Callan, his driver has a chubby face and brown hair.


Toby: Bitter cold, bitter cold. Still, I'll soon be back in my nice, dry shed.

Farmer McColl: My phone lines are down. All the roads are blocked. And my sheep have just started lambing. They're trapped on the hillsides, cut off by the snow.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 托比的小羊
Czech Toby a jehňátka
Danish Toby Havde et Lille Lam
Dutch Toby en de Lammetjes
Hungarian Toby és a Bárányok
Italian Toby e gli Agnellini
Japanese トビーとこひつじ
Korean 수호천사, 토비
Norwegian Toby Hadde et Lite Lam
Polish Tobik i Małe Owieczki
Romanian Toby Are o Turmă
Russian Тоби и овечки
Slovenian Toby in Ovčke
Swedish Toby och Lammen
Welsh Wyn Bach Oer

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