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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the 2012, 2015 or 2016 magazine story.

“I want to go...I want to go...home!”

Toby and Bash is the second episode of the fifteenth series.


Today, it is Bash's turn to get his reward for being useful. He is to spend the day with Toby and help do his jobs all around the island. By the time they finish, it is dark and both engines are tired. Toby knows where to go, so he takes Bash to his shed at Arlesdale End. Bash loves the shed because it is so peaceful and is soon fast asleep. Toby watches over him and decides that Bash would like to live on Sodor.

The next morning, the two engines set out looking for a place where Bash can stay; first, they try the Fenland. Bash is about to tell Toby that he wants to go home, but Toby interrupts him. Then a flock of ducks swoop down on Bash, who runs off very scared. Next, Toby takes Bash to Farmer McColl's field. Again Bash tries to tell Toby that he wants to go home when Toby interrupts. Then Bash is scared by a group of cows and runs off. Finally they arrive at the cliffs that overlook the Search and Rescue Centre.

Bash once again tries to tell Toby that he wants to go home, but Toby interrupts him. Then Bash sees Dash and Ferdinand chuffing back home to Misty Island and Toby notices that Bash is sad. Bash tells Toby that he wants to go home. Toby is shocked and realises that he should have listened to what Bash wanted.

So the two engines race through the Misty Island Tunnel and out onto Misty Island. Dash and Ferdinand are pleased to see their friend and Bash explains to Toby that Misty Island is just as peaceful as Arlesdale End. Toby realises that there is no place like home.


A group of children also speak.



UK, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

US and Canada


  • Arlesdale End makes its first appearance in the CGI series.
  • This is the 350th episode of the television series overall.
  • This episode arc spans with the previous episode and the next episode.


  • At one point, the narrator says that Bash "beamed from buffer to buffer", but Bash does not have buffers.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Toby e Bash
Catalan En Toby i en Paf
Chinese Mandarin 托比和班什
Czech Toby a Bash
Finnish Topi ja Sälli
French Toby et Bash
German Toby und Bash
Hebrew טובי ובאש
Hungarian Toby és Bash
Italian Toby e Boffo
Japanese トビーとバッシュ
Korean 토비와 바쉬 (dub)
토비와 배시 (subtitles)
Norwegian Toby og Krutt
Polish Tobik i Szast
Romanian Toby și Bash
Russian Дом для Бэша (Original)
Тоби и Бэш (Alternate)
Spanish Toby y Bash

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