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“I'll find a place for Bash to rest, I'll search high and low until I find the best!”

Toby and Bash is a magazine story.


One sunny day on Sodor, the Fat Controller has a special job for Toby. The excited tram engine wonders what it could possibly be. Suddenly, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand rumble out of the Misty Island Tunnel. The Fat Controller tells Bash that he is to spend the day with Toby and Toby's special job is to take care of Bash.

Toby and Bash's first job is to pick up some children from Knapford to Bluff's Cove. Next, Toby and Bash pick up heavy trucks of slate and hauls them to Brendam Docks. Toby and Bash work hard all day until the sun goes down.

Toby takes Bash to his home at Arlesdale End. Bash thinks it is a lovely place with the birds and the trees. Toby tells Bash that he can stay in his shed overnight. Then, Toby has an idea; perhaps Bash would like a home of his own on Sodor.

The next morning, Toby shares his idea with Bash. Before Bash can say a word, Toby is puffing away. Toby takes Bash to the Fenland Track. Toby thinks this would be a splendid home for Bash. The Logging Loco tries to speak, but Toby is not listening. Suddenly, a flock of ducks squawk into the air. Bash is scared; he's never seen ducks before and he puffs quickly away.

Next, Toby takes Bash to Farmer McColl's Field. Toby thinks this is an ideal place for Bash. Farmer McColl's cows start mooing and Bash is scared once again. Bash has never seen cows before and races away.

Then, Toby and Bash go to a clifftop. Toby thinks this is a perfect place for Bash to live, but Bash isn't sure at all. In the distance, Bash can see Dash and Ferdinand working. Bash feels sad; he wants to go home. Toby feels terrible so he takes Bash back to Misty Island. Bash is overjoyed to be back with Dash and Ferdinand. Toby thinks Misty Island is peaceful, just like Arlesdale End.




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