This article is about 'the 2016 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the 2012 magazine story or the 2015 magazine story'.
“It's good to be home.”

Toby and Bash is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One sunny day, the Fat Controller has a special job for Toby who is very excited. Suddenly, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand arrive after working hard on Misty Island. The Fat Controller is giving Bash a reward for being a really useful engine. The Fat Controller tells Bash that he is going to spend the day with Toby and that Toby's special job is to look after Bash. Toby and Bash are both delighted.

First, Toby and Bash pick up some children and take them to a party. Afterwards, they pick up trucks of slate and haul them to Brendam Docks. Toby and Bash work hard until the sun goes down and Toby takes Bash to his home at Arlesdale End. Bash thinks the place is lovely and Toby offers him his shed for the night. Bash tries to speak, but Toby isn't listening. Then, Toby has an idea and decides that Bash would like to have his own home on Sodor.

The next morning, Toby shares his idea with Bash. Before Bash can say a word, Toby has set off to find Bash a new home. Toby takes Bash to the Fenland Track. Toby thinks it would be the perfect home for Bash, but suddenly a flock of ducks start squawking. Bash is scared because he has never seen ducks before and he races away.

Next, Toby takes Bash to a field. Bash tries to speak to Toby, but Toby isn't listening. Then, the cows in the field start mooing. Bash is scared again and races away. Finally, Toby takes Bash to the top of a cliff. Toby is sure the clifftop is the perfect place to live.

In the distance, Bash can see Misty Island. He feels sad and wants to go home. Toby feels terrible for not listening to Bash sooner and he takes Bash back to Misty Island. Bash is overjoyed to be reunited with Dash and Ferdinand. Toby thinks Misty Island is just as peaceful as his home at Arlesdale End.




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