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“It's very nice here, but..."
"Come on, next stop Bluff's Cove!”
―Bash and Toby

Toby and Bash is a magazine story illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Bash has been a really useful engine and the Fat Controller decides to invite him onto Sodor to spend the day working with Toby as a reward. Bash was so excited, he can hardly wait. However, Toby is worried for Bash as he has a long day ahead of him. Toby hopes that Bash will be able to keep up without getting too tired. It is dark before Toby and Bash finish work and Bash is very tired. Toby takes Bash back to his shed at Arlesdale End and Bash soon falls fast asleep.

Toby really likes Bash and decides to show him all the wonderful sights of Sodor, hoping it will convince Bash to stay on Sodor. First, Toby takes Bash to Farmer McColl's Farm. Bash says that it is nice, but before he can finish his sentence, Toby races away to their next destination, Bluff's Cove. Bash is now scared and homesick so Toby agrees to take him home.

When they arrive on Misty Island, Bash decides to show Toby some of his favourite sights. The two friends watch some birds playing in their bath at the Logging Station. When Toby and Bash finally meet up with Dash and Ferdinand, Bash whistles with delight. Toby now sees that Bash loves Misty Island as much and Toby loves Sodor and he would never want to live anywhere else. After all, there is no place like home.




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