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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the German DVD.

“I'm not scared of the Whistling Wood
I'll puff straight on like Thomas would!”

Toby and the Whistling Woods is the fifth episode of the fourteenth series.


Toby has to take some coal to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's summerhouse. Toby's usual route to the summerhouse is obstructed by a tree that was blown down in a storm, so he is told to go through the Whistling Woods. Toby does not like the woods because he thinks they are scary.

At the junction, he meets James and Thomas shunting trucks. They ask Toby if he is okay because he ignores their cheery "hello." Toby does not think an old engine should ask a younger engine for help, so he turns down Thomas' offer of travelling through the woods with Toby, who steams boldly on.

Inside the woods, Toby hears a scary noise. Toby is so scared he quickly reverses back to the junction and biffs into the line of trucks Thomas and James have shunted. This time it is James who offers to take Toby through the woods, but again, Toby refuses and heads back in. This time, Toby gets further into the woods before he hears another scary sound. This makes Toby reverse back to the junction again and he biffs James and Thomas' trucks again.

This time, both James and Thomas offer to escort Toby through the woods and, although Toby really wants to accept their help, he does not and heads back in once more. This time, he hears the scariest noise of all. He rushes back to the junction and this time he completely derails Thomas and James' trucks. Toby realises the trouble he has caused and now he is late with his delivery, too. He finally finds the courage to ask the younger engines for help. To his surprise, they do not tease him and call him a "scaredy engine," they are more than happy to help their friend.

Thomas, James, and Toby puff through the woods together. Toby finds out that the first noise he heard was Thomas' friend, the snowy owl, the second was the woodland waterfall, and the third was just the wind whistling through the trees. With the help of his friends, Toby finally reaches the summerhouse and now he knows that he is never too old to ask for help.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

US and Canada


  • Going by production order, this is the sixth episode of the fourteenth series.
  • Throughout the episode, different arrangements of Toby's theme by Robert Hartshorne are heard.
  • The beginning of the episode uses edited stock footage from Toby's New Whistle with Edward being replaced by Diesel and the sky changed from sunny to cloudy.


  • When Toby meets up with Thomas and James they are facing one way, and when Toby reverses out of the woods, they are facing the other way.
  • When the Fat Controller is talking to Toby at Knapford, Toby's 7 is reflected in the window improperly; it should be mirrored.
  • When Toby says "No thank you, James. I don't need your help," the bottom part of his headlamp is missing.
  • When Toby arrives at the summer house, Thomas and James are not seen even though they helped him get through the Whistling Woods.
  • Toby states that James is younger than him, however this is untrue, as James was built between 1912-1913, and Toby was built in 1914.


“Old engines can't be scaredy engines!”


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Language Title
Azerbaijani Tobi və Fitli Meşə
Brazilian Portuguese Toby e os Bosques do Assobio
Catalan En Toby i el bosc dels Xiulets
Chinese Mandarin 托比和口哨树林
Czech Toby a skučíci les
Danish Toby og den Susende skov
Finnish Topi ja Huminakorven Laulu
French Toby et les bois Siffleurs
German Toby und der Flüsterwald
Greek Ο Τόμπι και το σφυριχτνό δάσος
Hungarian Toby és a süvöltő erdő
Indonesian Toby dan Hutan yang Berbunyi
Italian Toby e la Foresta Frusciante
Japanese トビーとかぜのなくもり
Korean 속삭이는 숲에 간 토비
Norwegian Toby og Hvisleskogen
Polish Tobik i Świszczący Las
Portuguese Toby e o Bosque do Assobio
Romanian Toby și Pădurea Sunetelor
Russian Напрасный Страх
Spanish Toby y los Bosques Silbantes
Swedish Toby och Visslande Skogen
Welsh Toby a'r coed Sibrwd

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