The Tomy logo used since 2000 primarily outside Asia.


The Takara Tomy logo used primarily in Japan.

Tomy (stylised as TOMY; known as Takara Tomy in Japan) is a Japanese toy manufacturer. In 2011, the company acquired Learning Curve and all the product ranges distributed by them. Tomy has produced the following Thomas & Friends products:

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Famous products

  • Plarail (released in 1959; known as Tomica World outside Japan), a battery powered plastic train system which became Motor Road and Rail in the UK and US. After Fisher-Price bought the TrackMaster range, TOMY began to produce the Plarail items outside Japan from 2010 in a range called Tomica. The range was discontinued in 2013.
  • Tomica (released in 1970; not to be confused with the re-released Plarail range outside Japan), a series of die-cast cars which are compatible with Plarail.
  • Motorised construction sets that involve characters dumping and loading small spheres and transporting them.



  • The company made a pragmatic decision of which name to use after the merger with Takara, deciding to use Tomy in international subsidiaries and Takara Tomy in Japan. They came to this decision because;
    • Tomy has built considerable brand recognition internationally (particularly in the area of infant and preschool products, where brand trust is very important).
  • A Big Loader Percy appeared in many episodes of the CBS show Everybody loves Raymond.
  • A Thomas' Bath Island could be seen in the episode 'Closing Time' of the BBC show 'Doctor Who'.
  • A Tomy Toy Thomas with a Original Push n Go James and Percy and a Powermotor Car from the Big Loader sets appeared in the BBC "Numberjacks" episode called "Out for the Count".



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