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“Why are all the children cheering?"
"They're cheering for you!”
―Thomas and Percy

Too Hot for Thomas is the twenty-fifth episode of the eighth series.


It is a hot summer day and James and Toby are taking children to the beach. While Thomas wishes to take children as well, he becomes stuck with the job of helping the ice cream factory produce more ice cream to meet the high demand. At the beach, it is very hot and the ice cream vendor had quickly run out of ice cream. Thomas is disappointed, but his driver assures him that if they work quickly, there might still be children to take. So after delivering a tanker of raspberry syrup, he rushes off to collect the ingredients.

Thomas collects the cream tanker from the dairy and makes his way to Farmer McColl's farm to collect strawberries. Along the way, he has to stop at an intersection to let James' passenger train by. Thomas wonders why James gets to take the children. He soon arrives at the farm, where one of his trucks are loaded with strawberries. He thanks the workmen and sets off for Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory.

Determined to get his jobs done, Thomas puffs as fast as he can, but he goes too fast and does not give the signalman time to change the points. The points send him onto another line, much to his frustration. Now he must wait for Toby and Henrietta to pass by, pulling even more children. This makes Thomas cross and more determined than ever. The signalman finally changes the points and Thomas reverses, sending him to the correct line.

At the chocolate factory, the workmen load the other truck with cocoa powder. Thomas is ready, but the shunter has yet to release the truck's brakes. Thomas puffs so hard that he breaks the coupling, sending cocoa powder everywhere. Thomas is upset; he is sure that he will not be able to take the children. It takes even longer to clear up the mess, and once the shunter releases the brakes, Thomas sets off.

At the ice cream factory, Thomas is dismayed when the manager asks him to take the ice cream once it is ready. However, when he arrives at the beach, everyone cheers at his arrival. Thomas is very confused, and Percy explains that they have been waiting for their ice cream. Soon, all the children have their ice cream, bringing a smile to Thomas' smokebox, despite him missing out on the job he originally wanted to do. The Fat Controller is there, too, and congratulates Thomas for being really useful.





  • During the close up of Thomas' driver, the raspberry syrup tanker is not visible and the tree behind him is also much smaller.
  • In the widescreen version, when Thomas has to stop for James, James mysteriously fades in, this is precisely due to the use of a fade effect.
  • When Thomas moves his truck of cocoa powder forward after wheel-slipping, he slows down before the powder explodes.
  • When the points switch back to Thomas' line, a skinny copper rod that is used to switch the points can be seen to the left.
  • When Thomas pulls into Seaside Halt, one of the children is missing a mouth.
  • The narrator says that the workmen filled Thomas' trucks with strawberries, but only one truck was filled.
  • Due to stock footage being used when Thomas lets off steam before chuffing back to the junction, he is pulling a grey van instead of a blue truck. A set of tracks is also visible to his right despite him having raced onto a lone siding.
  • When Thomas says "Everyone gets to take the children except me." Tody passes by a second time.
  • When the workmen finish loading the coco powder, the truck moves bit.
  • One of Percy's coaches is very crooked.
  • Thomas's eyes are wonky throughout most of the episode.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Calor Demais Para Thomas
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯灼热的一天
Croatian Vrući dan za Tomicu
Czech Příliš Horko na Tomáše
Danish En Varm Dag
Dutch Te Warm voor Thomas
Finnish Kuumana Kesäpäivänä Tuomas
French Thomas et la Chaleur de L'été
German Alle warten auf Thomas
Hungarian Thomas és a Fagylalt
Italian Thomas e Gelato
Japanese トーマスにはあつすぎる
Korean 아이스크림 배달하기
Latin American Spanish Demasiado Calor para Thomas
Norwegian For Hett for Thomas
Polish Zbyt Gorąco dla Tomka
Romanian Prea Cald Pentru Thomas
Russian Жарковато для Томаса
Swedish Thomas i Hetluften

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