Totally Thomas Volume 1 is a US DVD box set that includes three previously released DVDs.


  1. Make Someone Happy and Other Thomas Adventures
  2. Spills and Chills and Other Thomas Thrills
  3. Percy's Chocolate Crunch and Other Thomas Adventures


Make Someone Happy

  1. Make Someone Happy
  2. A Big Surprise for Percy
  3. Happy Ever After
  4. Thomas and the Rumors
  5. James and the Trouble with Trees
  6. Baa!

Spills and Chills

  1. Toby's Discovery
  2. Rusty and the Boulder
  3. Duncan Gets Spooked
  4. Stepney Gets Lost
  5. Haunted Henry
  6. Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday

Percy's Chocolate Crunch

  1. Percy's Chocolate Crunch
  2. Thomas, Percy and the Squeak
  3. Gordon Takes a Tumble
  4. Buffer Bother
  5. Middle Engine
  6. Faulty Whistles


  1. It's Great to be an Engine
  2. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining (twice)
  3. Little Engines
  4. Night Train 



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