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Totally Thomas Volume 2 is a box set featuring three US DVDs.


  1. Thomas and His Friends Get Along
  2. Races, Rescues and Runaways and Other Thomas Adventures
  3. Salty's Secret and Other Thomas Adventures


Thomas and His Friends Get Along

  1. Old Iron
  2. James in a Mess
  3. Duck Takes Charge
  4. Down the Mine
  5. The Runaway
  6. Better Late Than Never
  7. Tenders and Turntables
  8. Percy Proves a Point
  9. Trust Thomas
  10. Percy and the Signal

Races, Rescues and Runaways

  1. Toby and the Flood
  2. Put Upon Percy
  3. Horrid Lorry
  4. Bye George!
  5. Something in the Air
  6. Oliver's Find

Salty's Secret

  1. Salty's Secret
  2. Harvey to the Rescue
  3. No Sleep for Cranky
  4. The Fogman
  5. A Bad Day for Harold
  6. Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck


  1. Thomas' Anthem
  2. Accidents Will Happen
  3. Come for the Ride
  4. James the Really Splendid Engine