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This article is about Tidmouth Town Square. You may be looking for the Town Square in China.

Town Square is where the Town Hall of Tidmouth is situated. The Town Hall also has a library on site. The North Western Railway has a station here located on Duck's branch line with two platforms and a footbridge. There are also several shops nearby.

Allicia Botti annually performs here and the children's snowman party is also held here. During Christmas time, a Christmas tree stands outside the town hall. A skating rink was once set up in front of the town hall. The Tidmouth Market takes place here and is set up along the station platforms.

It first appeared in the thirteenth series and has appeared regularly since.



  • Town Square appears to have replaced Tidmouth Station in the CGI series, and is referred to as such in Thomas and the Inventor's Workshop.
  • From the seventeenth series onwards, the overgrown vines on the side of the town hall building have been removed.
  • From Tale of the Brave onwards, the dinosaur skeleton dug up by Marion stands on a pedestal outside the town hall. The trees were also removed, but the rings from around the trunks were still present.
  • In Thomas Tells Time, Town Square is incorrectly stated to be located at Killdane.