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There are many types of tractors on Sodor, built for different purposes.

Farm Tractors

These tractors are used for ploughing fields and hauling trailers. The trailers carry farm products, such as hay bales and wool and are delivered to markets.

Tractors have appeared frequently in the Railway Series and the television series.

Technical Details


The cabless tractors are based on the Ford 5000 model. Willie's tractor has this basis. The cab tractors are based on the Ford 7810.


The tractors are painted blue, red, green and orange. They mostly have silver or red hubcaps, while others have the same coloured hubcaps as their bodies.


Construction Tractors

These tractors have caterpillar tracks and are used at digging and construction sites. They are also used at the quarries to dig as well as lift and push rocks. Occasionally, they can be seen at Knapford Harbour. The tractors are fitted with either a bulldozer blade or a digging bucket.

One of them was once part of a convoy that helped restore power to a village on Christmas Eve.

Technical Details


The tractors are based on the 1934 vintage Caterpillar Model 70 - the largest and last design of petrol-powered tractors in Caterpillar's range. Terence shares the same basis.


The tractors are painted grey-brown. One was seen in yellow in the magazine story, Christmas Crisis.


Television Series

Magazine Stories


  • One of the tractors first appeared as scrap set-dressing in TUGS.

Willie's Tractor

Willie owns a tractor that he drives alongside the Arlesdale Railway. The tractor was also driven by Farmer McColl.


Once, Willie and his tractor were late to deliver a load of wool and he did not secure the bales properly. Unfortunately, due to Willie's carelessness and an overloaded trailer, the load slipped onto the line, causing Rex to crash into it and derail.

Technical Details


Willie's tractor is based on a Ford 5000 tractor. Several other tractors share the same basis.

In the Railway Series, the tractor had headlights, resembling eyes.


Willie's tractor is painted purple in the Railway Series, while it is painted green in the television series.


The Railway Series

Companion volumes

Thomas & Friends


Dan the Front Loader

Dan the Front Loader is a blue tractor who first appeared in a lift-the-flap book called The Busy Engines. He appeared nameless in the book, but was christened 'Dan' by the book's illustrator Dan Crisp. He also appears multiple times in the book Ten Little Engines.

Technical Details


Non-rail vehicles

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