Train Loads of Stories is a US boxset featuring three previously released DVDs. These DVDs feature episodes and songs from the eighth series, along with the special Calling All Engines!


  1. Calling All Engines!
  2. Track Stars
  3. Songs from the Station


Track Stars

  1. Thomas Gets it Right 
  2. Emily's New Route 
  3. Percy's Big Mistake 
  4. As Good as Gordon 
  5. James Gets a New Coat
  6. Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough 

Songs from the Station

  1. Thomas and the Tuba
  2. Thomas and the Firework Display


  1. Busy
  2. Trying
  3. Together
  4. Engine Roll Call (Calling All Engines! version)
  5. Dream Song 
  6. Emily (twice)
  7. Engine Roll Call (twice)
  8. Sounds
  9. Surprises
  10. A World Around You
  11. Determination 
  12. Patience is a Virtue
  13. Ode to Gordon



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