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A Tramp Steamer is a large steamship that carries freight in and out of Harbours and Docks on Sodor without a fixed schedule. There have been various different Tramp Steamers that were seen mainly at Brendam Docks.

"Izzy Gomez"

This tramp steamer was recycled from Izzy Gomez, a character from Tugs. She has made various appearances from the third to the fifth series.

The tramp steamer was first seen at Knapford Harbour and Brendam Docks in the third, fourth and the fifth series. She was also seen bringing special loads of fruit to Brendam Docks.

It is currently unknown where the tramp steamer/Izzy Gomez's model is.

Technical Details


The tramp steamer's wheelhouse is painted cream, while her hull is grey with a red stripe. Her funnel is black with a green stripe around the top.


The Old Tramp Steamer

The old tramp steamer only appeared in the fifth series.

During her first appearance, she lost control and ran aground and crashed into a shed the engines were in at Brendam, causing it to collapse and knock Cranky over. The tramp steamer also brought the horrid lorries, and special funfair equipment to Brendam in later appearances.

Her model was built by art director, Robert Gauld-Galliers and went missing in Canada, during or after production of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


The Captain's Ship

In the seventh series episode, Salty's Stormy Tale, the captain's ship was sailing back to Brendam Docks at night. Unfortunately, the lighthouse's lamp had gone out, and the generator was broken. Without the lighthouse, the ship was steaming toward the rocks. Luckily, Fergus' flywheel was used to power up the lighthouse's light and the tramp steamer missed the rocks just in time. In the morning, the captain thanked Salty and Fergus for saving his tramp steamer from capsizing.

The captain's ship first appeared in the sixth series, and she has made several appearances since. Since the switch to CGI, she has often been seen moored next to Cranky.


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  • The colour of the ship's deck changed from white to green in the tenth series.

The Pudding Ship

When the Sodor Pudding Factory was snowed in, Elizabeth was asked to collect the puddings and deliver them to the ship before it left for The Mainland. Elizabeth nearly missed the ship when she crashed into a snowdrift, however, Thomas and Terence were, fortunately, able to save her and get the puddings to the docks on time.

The pudding ship first appeared in the sixth series, and she has made several appearances since. Since the switch to CGI, it has often been seen moored next to Big Mickey.


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Other Tramp Steamers

Several Other tramp steamers have appeared in magazines and My Thomas Story Library books as well as various episodes throughout the series.

Non-rail vehicles

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