“Something must be done!”

Tricking Trucks is a magazine story.


The trucks are being more troublesome than ever all over the island from the Main Station yard to the big harbour.

That night, in the engine sheds, Thomas and his friends grumble to each other about the trucks. BoCo says that something must be done. Bill and Ben think they need to be taught a lesson and they wink at each other. The following day, the twins have a train of china clay to take and they are determined not to let the trucks get the better of them.

The next morning, the twins are the first to start work. Their friends stare in amazement. Bill and Ben's trucks are behaving good as gold. But the engines are even more astonished when their own trucks work really well, too. Percy cannot understand what has gotten into them. The engines are suspicious; the trucks must be planning something.

However, the trucks are well-behaved all day. Bill and Ben explain to their friends that they let the trucks overhear them talking about how the Fat Controller is thinking of ordering new trucks. This isn't the case, but the trucks do not know that. Later, when the Fat Controller actually arrives, the engines have to smile because the trucks are absolutely no trouble at all.



  • It is said that Bill and Ben are the most mischievous engines on the Fat Controller's railway, but they do not belong to his railway.


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