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This article is about the South African release. You may be looking for the UK release.

Truck-loads of Fun (also known as Volume 1) is a South African VHS/DVD. The VHS features one seventh series episode with redubbed music and two eighth series episodes narrated by Michael Angelis, while the DVD features an additional seventh series episode with redubbed music and two additional eighth series episodes.


Thomas & Friends are back with 30 minutes of non-stop new stories. Meet the Steam Team in their new adventures on the beautiful Island of Sodor.


  1. Too Hot for Thomas
  2. Salty's Stormy Tale (Redubbed Music)
  3. Percy and the Magic Carpet

Bonus Episodes (DVD)

  1. Thomas and the Fireworks Display
  2. Bill, Ben and Fergus (Redubbed Music)
  3. Gordon Takes Charge

Learning Segments

  1. Painting James
  2. How Does Thomas Get to the Timber Yard?
  3. Thomas Trundles Out of the Station (DVD only)
  4. Thomas and the Mast (DVD only)
  5. Being on Time (DVD only)


  1. A World Around You (Short version)
  2. Engine Roll Call



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