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“Hold on!”
―Rusty bravely pulling Duncan to safety

Trusty Rusty is the twenty-fifth episode of the seventh series.


While Rusty is crossing a wooden bridge, he hits a bump, and his driver inspects the bridge, realising that it is in early stages of collapsing. Realising that it may soon be dangerous to cross, Rusty immediately hurries off to warn the engines. Arriving at the depot, where all the engines are getting their coal, he warns them about the bridge. Duncan, however, is sceptical and asks how Rusty would know, saying that he is only a diesel and he puffs away without waiting to be filled with coal. Rusty tells the Fat Controller about the bridge, and he agrees to send engineers to inspect it. After Rusty's driver puts up a sign reading "Line Closed," the engines have to travel a different route.

Meanwhile, Duncan realises his plan on getting more coal for the journey home, but the coal staithe is empty. When he asks Skarloey where he can find the nearest staithe, Skarloey tells him it is on the other side of the wooden bridge. Despite warning Duncan that he knows not to cross it under Rusty's orders, Duncan comments that Rusty keeps making things sound worse then they are, and he and his driver decide to face the risks, much to Skarloey's shock. When Duncan arrives at the junction, his driver removes the warning sign, and they puff towards the bridge. Not knowing it is a mistake, Duncan runs out of steam, causing him to stop on the bridge, which then suddenly starts to collapse from Duncan's weight. Hearing the news from Skarloey, Rusty races off to rescue Duncan who is still hanging on for dear life. Rusty slowly rolls onto the bridge, and has a long chain hitched to Duncan. He pulls him off the bridge, right before it finally comes down.

That evening, the Fat Controller speaks severely to Duncan his actions. Duncan thanks Rusty for saving him and being brave to help, and the Fat Controller praises him as a Really Useful Engine. Rusty smiles and feels really reliable too.




  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-second episode of the seventh series.
  • Deleted stock footage from Rusty to the Rescue is used.
  • In the US dub, Rusty saying, "Don't use the old wooden bridge - it's dangerous!" when he warns the other engines not to cross is repeated after he rescues Duncan. This does not happen in the UK dub.
  • The scene of Rusty rescuing Duncan from the bridge is similar to Toby's Tightrope, as Mavis and Rusty are both diesel engines and Toby and Duncan are both steam engines.
  • The episode's title would later on be referenced by Rusty in the twenty-fourth series episode, The Great Little Railway Show.
  • This episode marks the last of a few things:


  • When Duncan arrives at the coal staithe, Skarloey already looks shocked even before the former headed for the bridge.
  • When Rusty races to the rescue, the scene is mirrored because viewers can see that his number and name are reversed and the door to his cab is on his left when it should be on his right.
  • When Rusty pulls Duncan clear of the bridge, it suddenly jerks downwards slightly as it begins to fall; this is due to a film cut.
  • Wires can be seen under Duncan when the narrator says, "A beam snapped." The wires are also seen when he is about to fall, and when Rusty pulls him clear.
  • The narrator says, "Rusty chuffed bravely onto the bridge," but Rusty is a diesel.
  • When Rusty moves closer to Duncan on the bridge, studio equipment is seen sliding out behind the cliffs behind Rusty on the right hand side of the screen and again when the narrator says "soon they were coupled up."
  • When Duncan runs out of steam on the bridge, the narrator says he used up all his coal, but the coal can still be seen in his bunkers.
  • Most of the sound effects of the support beams splashing into the water come in a bit too late.
  • When Rusty begins to pull Duncan off the bridge, Rusty's coupling hook moves a little.


  • Rusty: Don't use the old wooden bridge. It's dangerous.
  • Duncan: How would you know? You're only a diesel.


  • The Fat Controller: That was very irresponsible.
  • Duncan: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir, and Rusty, you were very brave.
  • Rusty: Aw, thanks.
  • The Fat Controller: Yes, Rusty. You really are a useful engine.
  • Rusty: Thank you, sir.


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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 相信罗斯缇
Danish Rusty slår alarm
Hungarian Rusty a Bátor Mozdony
Italian L'affidabile Rusty
Japanese たよりになるラスティー
Korean 책임감 강한 러스티
Polish Wierzcie Rudikowi
Romanian Rusty cel de Încredere
Russian Надежный Расти
Serbian Verujte Rastij
Swedish Lita på Rusty
Turkish Güvenilir Rusty
Welsh Y Bont Beryglus

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