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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the elephant or the magazine story.

“I knew I'd make lots of new friends in India but I never thought one of them would be an elephant!”

Trusty Trunky is the fourth episode of the twenty-second series.


Thomas is working on the Indian Railway. Whilst in the shunting yards, Thomas is reunited with Ashima and is introduced to Rajiv, who boasts about his crown which he claims makes him royal. Noor Jehan then tells him off for saying that, stating that a crown does not make him royal. Thomas is surprised when he sees several animals in the yards, including chickens, goats and elephants. He is also shocked when Ashima tells him about elephants being in the shunting yards when engines were busy. He gets a fright when he believes an elephant is shunting behind him, but it is revealed to be Shankar shunting his trucks for him to pull.

Thomas is amazed by what he sees in India while delivering his trucks; palaces, high bridges and several animals, including goats on top of carriages, cows sleeping on the track and elephants wandering around the countryside. While thinking that it sounds like animals run the railway (and daydreaming about an elephant as the Fat Controller running the railway), he accidently derails in a paddy field. He sees Rajiv and asks for his help, saying that Rajiv could get his crown polished for helping him out.

After some time of waiting, an elephant approaches Thomas. Although he is scared of the giant animal, Thomas is surprised when she lifts him back onto the tracks and washes him off. While Rajiv is annoyed at how Thomas has just got himself back onto the tracks, Ashima recognises the elephant as Trusty Trunky, who has also helped her out. Rajiv becomes annoyed when Trusty Trunky almost sprays him and his crown with water, although Thomas and Ashima laugh at her washing Thomas.





US and CAN

  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Tina Desai as Ashima
  • Nikhil Parmar as Rajiv
  • Sheena Bhattessa as Noor Jehan
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar as Shankar
  • Keith Wickham as Sir Topham Hatt


  • Going by production order, this is the fifth episode of the twenty-second series.
  • This episode marks the first of several things:
    • Ashima's first appearance in an episode, as well as her first appearance and speaking role overall since her debut in The Great Race.
    • Rajiv's first speaking role and first appearance in an episode, as well as his first appearance since The Great Race.
    • The first episode written by Becky Overton since the nineteenth series episode, Wild Water Rescue.
    • The first episode not to have Teresa Gallagher as part of the voice cast since the Big World! Big Adventures! rebrand.
    • The first episode to take place in India.
    • The first time religion is mentioned in the television series.
  • When Thomas first meets Ashima in the shunting yard, an arrangement of You Can Only Be You is heard.
  • Nikhil Parmar, Sheena Bhattessa and Sanjeev Bhaskar join the voice cast.
  • This is the second episode to be named after an animal with a name, the first being the fifth series episode, Gordon and the Gremlin.
  • This episode is based off a real life event where two elephants helped an engine from Australia and its train of trucks get back on the rails.
  • This is the first production since The Great Race to feature Tina Desai as part of the voice cast.
  • This is the only episode of the twenty-second series set in India where Charubala does not appear.
  • In the magazine version, some of the express coaches at Varkala Railway Station are painted a different colour to the ones featured in the episode.
  • Ashima explains to Thomas that cows need to be treated with respect, which is a moral of Hinduism, one of the main religions of India.
  • Stock footage from this episode was used in the Japanese version of the revamp title sequence.
  • This is the only episode to have a unique transition to the Learn With Thomas segment.
  • On the Nick Jr. US airing of this episode, it was paired with School of Duck.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Trombinha
Chinese 可靠的大鼻
Croatian Pouzdana slonica
Czech Věrná Trunky
Danish Trofaste tykhud
Dutch Trouwe Trunky
Finnish Ketterä kärsä
German Auf Trunky ist Verlass
Hebrew טראסטי הפילה
Hungarian Gondos Trunky
Italian Elefantina Fedele
Japanese トラスティー・トランキー
Korean 고마운 코끼리 친구
Latin American Spanish Trompita
Norwegian Gamle snabla
Polish Słonica
Portuguese A Fiel Trunky
Russian Слон спешит на помощь
Serbian Pouzdana surla
Spanish Confía
Swedish Trogna Snabelina
Turkish Güvenilir Hartum

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