This article is about 'the 2005 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the other magazine story, the 2004 magazine story or the De Agostini magazine story'.
“I can't have my engines behaving like this!”
―the Fat Controller

Tunnel Trouble is a magazine story.


Sodor School is getting some new classrooms. Some wooden huts have been ordered from the Mainland. Harold hovers over the school carrying the first hut, but the Fat Controller orders him to take it back as they are not ready for it yet.

Meanwhile, Thomas has just finished pulling some troublesome trucks and needs to get out of the blazing sunshine. Thomas puffs into a tunnel where it is lovely and cool and decides to stay there for the day. Thomas' driver and fireman are not happy with their engine, but Thomas does not care.

The day carries on with Thomas refusing to budge from his cool, new home. Then, Emily reverses into the tunnel, unaware that Thomas is inside. Emily backs straight into Thomas and sends him shooting out of the tunnel. Now, Emily is in the tunnel, annoying her driver.

Then, Henry comes down the line from the other direction. Henry shunts into Thomas who then hits into Emily. Both engines are pushed from the tunnel by Henry. The Fat Controller arrives and is very annoyed with his engines. The Fat Controller knows he needs to stop his engines fighting for shade and hurries to his office to make a call.

Soon, Harold hovers overhead with one of the school's wooden huts. The Fat Controller instructs Harold to put the huts over his railway lines. Harold is puzzled, but soon figures it out. The huts make shady tunnels for the engines to shelter under. The Fat Controller is pleased his engines are happy and there will be no more tunnel trouble on Sodor.



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