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Ultimate Friendship Adventures is a US DVD which contains five episodes from the twentieth series and five from the nineteenth series.


Double up on your delivery of Thomas & Friends™ with 10 action-­packed stories! All aboard for exciting rescues, engines tuning up and flocks of new friends. Learn how to work together, build new friendships and ride the roads or rails for a rainbow of adventure.


  1. Sidney Sings
  2. Toby's New Friend
  3. Henry Gets the Express
  4. Diesel and the Ducklings
  5. Saving Time
  6. No Help At All
  7. The Other Side of the Mountain
  8. Rocky Rescue
  9. Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt
  10. Thomas the Babysitter


  • This is the only DVD since Milkshake Muddle to exclude bonus features, as well as the last from the original series to do so.
  • This is the last DVD to use the Series 13-18 Engine Roll Call and Credits.


  • In the End Credits:
    • Steve D'Angelo and Terry Tompkins are credited for rearranging the theme song, but the new version of the theme song is not featured on the DVD (the Series 13-18 intro is used).
    • Robert Hartshorne was not given credit for the music for the Season 19 episodes.
    • Joe Mills and David Bedella are credited despite not voicing any characters on the DVD.
  • Thomas the Babysitter is mistakenly called "Thomas and the Babysitter" in the episode selection menu as Thomas was the babysitter himself.
  • A trailer for the Extraordinary Engines DVD was featured but mistakenly said that it was now on DVD, when Extraordinary Engines was released in February 2017, after this was released.
  • A picture from Thomas the Babysitter is used for Saving Time. 



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