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Unten Thomas Deluxe Set (うんてんトーマス デラックスセット) is a Japanese video game released for the Sega Pico by Bandai in 2000.




  • Several engines use the wrong whistle sound. These include:
    1. Gordon, James, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Mavis, and the narrow gauge engines use Duck's whistle sound.
    2. Bill and Ben use Percy's whistle sound.
    3. Thomas uses Edward's whistle sound.
  • Annie, Clarabel and the Troublesome Trucks are able to move on their own even though they are rolling stock.
  • James, Toby, Donald, Douglas, Bill, Ben, Mavis, and the narrow gauge engines all have grey wheels instead of black ones.
  • Thomas' side rods are black instead of grey.
  • At one point when Duck was coming down, his running board is red.
  • When Donald, Douglas, Bill, Ben and Peter Sam are moving forward, their wheels are going backwards.
  • Whenever Thomas fails in a mini-game, Sir Topham Hatt is smiling, when he should be cross.
  • When Thomas completes a mini game, Tidmouth Sheds has seven berths instead of six.
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