“Good luck little brother”
Flying Scotsman, The Great Race

Hello there Wiki members. My name is Thomas and it just so happens that, just like Thomas, I'm from the U.K. but now I live in Sydney and I'm 18 years old.

About me

I joined the Wiki back in the middle of 2014, but I wasn't joining for TTTEWikia, I joined for the Amazing World of Gumball Wikia, hence why the the name is Gamball, Gumball was already taken. Anyway, I constantly check the Wiki every single day when I wake up and before I go to bed.

I am such a MASSIVE Thomas fan!! Ever since I was a little kid, I always liked Thomas. I watched every episode of every season and I enjoyed ALMOST all of it, *COUGH COUGH* Season 13-16. I have an abundance of Tomy, Trackmaster, Take Along, Take 'n' Play, Wooden Railway, Ertl and Hornby Thomas merchandise that I treasure to this day.

Thoughts on Thomas

There's no denying that I like Thomas, or else I wouldn't be here. Thomas has been my favourite children's television show probably from my first viewing. I grew up with the latter of the Classic Series and the beginning of the New Series. Despite not being born during the release of Seasons 1-4, I owned them on VHS, so I guess I grew up with a bit of everything.

Moving on, Classic Thomas will always be the best to me. Recent CG seasons have come close (Season 20), but it can never top the charm that was brought by the physical models. This, along with the amazing music and brilliant storytelling have cemented Seasons 1-5 as the best seasons of Thomas, with Seasons 3-5 as my top 3.

The New Series is alright to me. Since I grew up with it, there is some sort of nostalgia, though not as strong as my nostalgia for 1-5. I do go back to it often to watch the episodes, especially Seasons 8 and 9.

Of course, the Miller era. Do I even have to talk about it? I will admit, I don't mind Seasons 13 and 16, but the rest is not my cup of tea. I'll compare it to a sandwich. I dub it, 'The Good and Bad Sandwich' (patent pending). The outside is great, but as you get further into the meal, it begins to taste gross.

Aaaand we've made it to the Brenner era, the best era of modern Thomas. Holy hell are these seasons great. Each season since S17 have been an improvement on the last (S19 is questionable, but eh, I like it). Season 20 really seals the deal for me. Seeing all those all characters that were introduced in SLOTLT was amazing and I can't wait for more characters to make their triumphant return to the series. Season 20 is the pinnacle of modern Thomas; embracing the past whilst also moving towards the future.

Likes and Interests

Seasons Ranking (Favourite to least favourite)

  1. Season 5 (no question)
  2. Season 4
  3. Season 3
  4. Season 1
  5. Season 2
  6. Season 20
  7. Season 18
  8. Season 19
  9. Season 6
  10. Season 21
  11. Season 17
  12. Season 7
  13. Season 8
  14. Season 9
  15. Season 10
  16. Season 11
  17. Season 12
  18. Season 13
  19. Season 16
  20. Season 14
  21. Season 15

This was really hard.

Specials Ranking (Favourite to least favourite)

  1. The Adventure Begins
  2. Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
  3. Tale of the Brave
  4. Blue Mountain Mystery
  5. King of the Railway
  6. The Great Discovery
  7. Journey Beyond Sodor
  8. The Great Race
  9. Calling All Engines!
  10. Hero of the Rails
  11. Day of the Diesels
  12. Misty Island Rescue

I honestly don't know where to put Thomas and the Magic Railroad on the list because, I'm not sure what I think of it. It's not as bad as some say, but it's not great either, so I don't know it's placement.

Favourite Episodes

Favourite Songs

  1. The Island Song
  2. The Snow Song
  3. Night Train
  4. Toby (song)
  5. Donald's Duck (song)
  6. Thomas, You're the Leader
  7. The Red Balloon
  8. Really Useful Engine
  9. Patience
  10. A World Around You
  11. Together
  12. Thomas' Anthem
  13. We Make A Team Together
  14. Never Overlook A Little Engine
  15. The Whistle Song
  16. Never, Never, Never Give Up
  17. Little Engines
  18. Emily (song)

Again, this was really hard.

Favourite Characters

Favourite Locations

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