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As far as my top five favorite episodes go, this is probably it.

5. Edward the Really Useful Engine

4. Bill, Ben and Fergus

3. Salty's Stormy Tale

2. Salty's Secret

1. Salty's Surprise

I can't make a top 10. Too many good ones to decide. #4 and #3 are interchangeable.

I used to say that season 16 was my favorite season, though now that I think about it, no, season 6 is my favorite. I gave nearly every episode of season 6 a perfect 10/10. There are only a few where I didn't, and here's why:

  1. The first episode I did not give a 10/10 in season 6 was It's Only Snow. It's a beautiful episode that's just shy of receiving a perfect score, but unfortunately, it's not perfect. Even as a kid, I always found Toby's inclusion to be very confusing. "I can't clear the snowdrifts by myself"? Tell that to the line, "Everyone has to wear a snowplow". Why isn't Toby wearing one? For that matter, why isn't Edward? They could have avoided the problem with Edward by keeping the original scene with Salty. He isn't wearing one because he isn't going anywhere; problem solved. It's not like the scene with Edward was included so that he would have a speaking role; he has a line earlier in this episode. Nonetheless, not only is Toby lacking a snowplow a problem, but he's utterly pointless to the story. All he does is stay inches behind Thomas for the rest of the episode and says nothing else throughout. This episode can't get a perfect score, but I still love it enough to give it a 9/10.
  2. The next one is Twin Trouble. It's a good episode, but it's very bare bones. Donald and Douglas have a falling out, but then they reconcile. That's kind of it. That's said, it does have nice aspects. The fact that the blame is squarely on Donald is nice. I like that the episode doesn't pull a 180 and have Douglas be the scapegoat; instead, they do something interesting with Douglas by having him be the first one to regret their falling out. This episode is the first to distinguish the twins personality-wise, enough to give it an 8.5/10.
  3. Then there's The World's Strongest Engine. Simply put, the set-up is weird. Diesel is apparently the only spare engine available. Okay, fine, I suppose that excuses Diesel doing Henry's job (I don't think I need to explain what's wrong with that.). But for some reason, he's doing Salty's job. Okay, fine, I suppose this implies that Henry fetches his own trucks and is okay with shunting... which is actually really subtle character development. But why are Thomas and Percy just sitting there doing nothing? Where even is Salty? This episode is still good however; it has every positive aspect of Pop Goes the Diesel combined with a superior rendition of Diesel's theme and an interesting opening. I like how it shows Thomas' train starting its journey (He pulls out of a siding, then he pulls Annie, which then pulls Clarabel, similarly to Edward's coaches in Edward's Exploit), and as he passes by the camera, Percy is revealed rounding the corner (he wasn't there earlier). Then Duck is revealed before being obscured by Percy, and all three are able to blast their whistles before disappearing from view. The next shot (with James and Oliver) is on the same set. I give this episode an 8.5/10.
  4. Next is Scaredy Engines. I love it, it gets a 9/10 from me, but just one question... Was the job ever actually finished?
  5. Percy and the Haunted Mine gets the same score, but it does raise some confusion. Percy was never told to make the delivery to Lower Tidmouth, and he hadn't come from there in the first place.
  6. Middle Engine, while worthy of a 9/10, makes the claim that none of the engines like being a middle engine. This is not the case, as Salty, Mavis, and Peter Sam have all been shown to not mind. I know this is minor, and... you're right. I probably wouldn't take any notice if I wasn't as fond of Salty's character as I am. Also, 'Arry and Bert get no punishment, a fact that many fans point out, and rightly so. On the other hand, fans also blame Henry... but it was entirely an accident on his part.
  7. Then Jack Frost. It is just as atmospheric and 9/10-tier as Scaredy Engines, but didn't that episode already cover this whole "It's okay to be scared sometimes"? Why is Thomas STILL teasing Percy about scary things?
  8. After that comes Buffer Bother. It's essentially just Twin Trouble all over again. I was never particularly fond of episodes where a character is so single-minded and focused on one thing. However, this episode features maturity from Mavis, and like (but less so than) Twin Trouble did for Donald and Douglas, this episode is the first to distinguish Bill and Ben personality-wise. I guess I can say this is on par with Twin Trouble.
  9. Of course, everyone is aware of a rather major continuity error in Thomas and the Jet Engine. Apart from that (as well as the mood-confusing William Tell Overture), this episode is a solid 9/10.
  10. Lastly, the final episode in season 6 that I give less than a 10/10 is Dunkin Duncan. It's a little complex to explain why, so I'll do this later. I'll just say now that I still give it a 9/10.

As a kid, Duck was my favorite character. Nowadays, he is actually my least favorite. Out of the Steam Team, my favorite is either Emily or Toby. I quite like the idea of the Steam Team; centralizing the show's focus on eight core characters allows the show to focus more on them, exploring various facets of their personalities previously left untouched. If only eight engines were to be included, the characters they chose to comprise the Steam Team was a sensible choice; the engines numbered 1-7, plus the first (canon) female steam engine.

I can say that I also don't like Porter. I'm not sure who else would go on that list as most of the characters who I don't like are intended to be unlikable.

I don't really think highly of Edward's portrayal in season 2 or season 17 onward. Season 2 glorified the hell out of him. And every time he appears in the Arc era, it's like the team is patting themselves on the back. "See? He's totally in character!" However, Edward has had several good portrayals throughout season 3 to season 16 so I really can't dislike him. Not at all. I actually do like Edward. There was a good chance that Edward the Really Useful Engine (I prefer the US title by the way; why change the common phrase just for one episode?) was going to turn into one of these Edward glorify-ers. The fact that Edward only says two sentences in the entire episode (less than in It's Only Snow) probably was what prevented that.

I like Toby's more worrisome-scared-of-everything personality. It helps differentiate him from Edward personality-wise. Some of my favorite episodes are Toby and the Flood, Toby's Discovery, Toby's Triumph, and Toby's New Whistle. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Skarloey... most of the time. Racing with Freddie and Rheneas and being scared of a dangerous bridge, the wharf, and a dangerous storm are understandable. It's only these two episodes where I'd say Skarloey's character was beyond salvageable, and the episodes themselves have their own positive aspects.

BoCo's pretty stale; he's just Edward as a diesel. He's not a priority to return. I didn't think highly of Daisy at first because her "character development" happened off-screen. This is why Bulls Eyes being out of place doesn't bother me at all. Her portrayal in season 20 is in line with Bulls Eyes and doesn't bother me too much. Admittedly, I am getting sick of characters thinking of themselves as modern when they very obviously aren't, like Diesel, Daisy, and Caitlin (although, only Emily thinks Caitlin is modern).

I find it funny how people are calling Captain Joe a "great character" when he hasn't even done anything.

IMO, Smudger > Stanley (though I find Smudger way overrated), Bertram > Duke, and Billy ≥ Charlie. I used to think of them equally, but with the way Charlie has been portrayed recently, I'm starting to like Billy more.

I like Oliver the most in season 5. It was stated that after Oliver Owns Up/Toad Stands By, he became a more humble and wise engine. This personality is only present in Oliver's Find, Make Someone Happy, and Busy Going Backwards. He didn't do anything in season 6, and when they finally did something with him again in season 7, it was exploring a new facet of his personality instead of his already existing one. After that, he was put on a bus. When he made a couple of appearances in season 12, his personality wasn't really present, and he was put on a bus again. When he returned in 2014, his personality returns to its more egotistical, more self-absorbed state that it was in during Oliver Owns Up, essentially making his personality the same as Duck's. I find it funny how Toad the brakevan has had more character development than the two Great Western twats, and I find it disappointing how Oliver's most interesting personality was only in three episodes before he backpedaled severely.

Apparently, Barry's book was never published because children wanted stories about Thomas and his friends, not any more new engines. Really? When I was a kid, I'd always be excited when new characters were introduced. New Friends for Thomas and On Site with Thomas were two of my favorite DVDs to rent.

I suppose this would be the order of my favorite to least favorite Thomas specials.

  1. Misty Island Rescue
  2. Hero of the Rails
  3. The Great Race
  4. Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
  5. The Great Discovery/Calling All Engines!
  6. Day of the Diesels
  7. Blue Mountain Mystery
  8. The Adventure Begins
  9. Tale of the Brave
  10. BWBA
  11. Journey Beyond Sodor
  12. King of the Railway

Tale of the Brave/The Adventure Begins is where things transition from good to bad.

TATMR is pretty good when you cut out the boring human scenes.

  • 10/10: Toby and the Stout Gentleman, Thomas' Christmas Party
  • 9/10: Edward, Gordon and Henry,
  • 8.5/10: Thomas and the Guard
  • 8/10: Thomas and the Breakdown Train, Troublesome Trucks, James and the Express, Trouble in the Shed
  • 7/10: The Sad Story of Henry, Thomas and Bertie, Tenders and Turntables, The Flying Kipper, Dirty Objects
  • 6/10: Whistles and Sneezes, Thomas in Trouble
  • 5/10: Edward and Gordon, Thomas and the Trucks, James and the Coaches, Percy Runs Away, Coal
  • 4/10: Thomas' Train
  • 2/10: Thomas Goes Fishing, Off the Rails, Down the Mine
  • 0/10: Thomas and Gordon
  • -1/10: Thomas, Terence and the Snow
  • Average: 5.78846154/10

  • 9/10: Bertie's Chase and Old Iron
  • 8.5/10: Pop Goes the Diesel and The Diseasal
  • 8/10: Duck Takes Charge, A Close Shave, and Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  • 7.5/10: Percy and Harold, Diesel's Devilish Deed, Donald and Douglas,
  • 7/10: Saved From Scrap, Percy and the Signal, and The Deputation
  • 6.5/10: Thomas, Percy and the Coal
  • 6/10: Better Late Than Never
  • 5.5/10: Woolly Bear
  • 5/10: Cows, Wrong Road, and Edward's Exploit
  • 2/10: Thomas and Trevor, The Runaway, Percy Takes the Plunge, Thomas Comes to Breakfast, Daisy, Percy's Predicament, and Ghost Train
  • Average: 5.75/10

  • 10/10: Percy's Promise, Donald's Duck, Gordon and the Famous Visitor, Henry's Forest, Trust Thomas, All at Sea, Bulgy, Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure
  • 9.5/10: Escape, Oliver Owns Up
  • 9/10: Toby's Tightrope, Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
  • 8/10: Diesel Does it Again, James Goes Buzz Buzz
  • 7.5/10: The Trouble with Mud, No Joke for James, Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train
  • 7/10: A Scarf for Percy, Time for Trouble, Thomas Gets Bumped, Thomas, Percy and the Dragon, Mavis, One Good Turn, Tender Engines
  • 3/10: Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
  • Average: 7.98076923/10

  • 10/10: Rusty to the Rescue, Bowled Out, Toad Stands By, Bulls Eyes
  • 9.5/10: Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady
  • 9/10: Bulldog, Four Little Engines
  • 8/10: You Can't Win
  • 7.5/10: Train Stops Play
  • 7/10: Thomas and Stepney
  • 6/10: Sleeping Beauty, Henry and the Elephant, Thomas Meets the Queen, Fish
  • 5/10: Special Funnel
  • 4/10: Granpuff, Home at Last, Rock 'n' Roll, Steam Roller, Gallant Old Engine
  • 3/10: A Bad Day for Sir Handel, Trucks, Passengers and Polish
  • 2.5/10: Thomas and the Special Letter, Special Attraction
  • 2/10: Mind That Bike
  • Average: 5.67307692/10

  • 10/10: Cranky Bugs, Horrid Lorry, A Better View for Gordon, Bye George!, Toby's Discovery, Happy Ever After, Busy Going Backwards, Duncan Gets Spooked, Rusty and the Boulder
  • 9.5/10: Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach
  • 9/10: Lady Hatt's Birthday Party, Put Upon Percy, Haunted Henry, Double Teething Troubles, Thomas and the Rumors, Oliver's Find, Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday, A Big Surprise for Percy, Make Someone Happy
  • 8.5/10: James and the Trouble with Trees, Baa!, Toby and the Flood, Stepney Gets Lost, Snow
  • 7.5/10: Something in the Air
  • 6.5/10: Gordon and the Gremlin
  • Average: 8.46153846/10

  • 10/10: Salty's Secret, Harvey to the Rescue, No Sleep for Cranky, A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter, Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck, The Fogman, Jack Jumps In, A Friend in Need, James and the Red Balloon, Gordon Takes a Tumble, Percy's Chocolate Crunch, Toby Had a Little Lamb, Thomas, Percy and the Squeak, Edward the Really Useful Engine, Rusty Saves the Day, Faulty Whistles
  • 9/10: It's Only Snow, Scaredy Engines, Percy and the Haunted Mine, Middle Engine, Jack Frost, Thomas and the Jet Engine, Dunkin Duncan
  • 8.5/10: Twin Trouble, The World's Strongest Engine, Buffer Bother
  • Average: 9.55769231/10

Recently, I've started to realize that James is a much more multi-layered character than I initially thought. I was the one who added such thorough coverage on his article from season 3 to season 11. Previously, it only covered the Arc era.

People are always saying that season 2 was the best. I'm going to see if that's actually true by seeing how each character develops. Currently a WIP.

  • Every engine is proud when Topham calls them really useful (S2E4).


  • Is introduced as being conceited about his beautiful blue paint and thinking that blue is the only proper color for a really useful engine. Gets mad at Percy for ruining it.
    • Laughs at Percy when he gets into his own accident. Now that Percy has learned his lesson, Thomas apologizes, and...
  • Thomas is very good friends with Percy. (Corresponds with Percy 1.1) (All from S2E1)
  • Is somewhat cheeky. (plays into 1.2 and 5.1)
    • Laughs at Gordon and Henry's incident with the cow. (S2E2)
  • Is good friends with Bertie and admires him for sticking to his commitment. (S2E3)
  • Is good friends with Edward.
    • Is able to tease him while still making it known that it's just friendly teasing. (S2E4)
    • Stands up for Edward when James insults him. (S2E5)
  • Though initially doubtful, he values Trevor's usefulness, understands his problem, and tries to cheer him up (S2E6).
  • Could have potentially been jealous of Duck doing a great job on his branch line, but this was overridden by his pleasure of being home.
  • Is absolutely terrified without his driver and fireman. (S2E10)


  • Is introduced as getting old and falling apart and putting up with nonsense from both the trucks and bigger engines (S2E2), late Thomases, and steep hills (S2E3), but is still going on to work the best he can because he is proud of being called really useful despite the fact that he is old fashioned (S2E4).
    • Laughs at Gordon and Henry's karma. (S2E2)
    • Has positive interaction with Bertie after inexplicably causing a chase due to 1.0. (S2E3)
    • When he finds out that Trevor is going to be scrapped because he's old-fashioned, Edward is determined to save him because of 1.0. Also the fact that a sentient being is, you know, dying, but mostly that other thing. (S2E4)
    • Isn't bothered by James criticizing him for being late and can only laugh.
    • When James ends up running away, Edward appears to consider this to be another instance of "karma", but when he actually starts chasing James, he finds that it is far more difficult than he initially thought. Nonetheless, he still keeps going in spite of him literally falling apart!
    • After all that, Edward's able to joke about it and forgive James for being rude. From here, things seem to turn around for the better as far as Edward's personality is concerned. He is sent to be repaired, which he is grateful for.
  • All in all, all of 1 seems to culminate in Edward (or rather, his personality) coming out much better in the end. Him caring about Trevor's problem and trying to cheer him up (S2E6) probably would have happened anyway, but the Edward we see here being an Edward who has survived and improved himself due to the past four episodes sounds powerful, doesn't it?

**There seems to be a contradiction here when he grumbles at having to do James' work as well as his own when James refuses to come out of the shed. (S2E7)


  • Is quite a jerk, and his portrayal tends to heavily lean on the negative side.
    • Laughs at Edward for letting cows break his train. (S2E2)
    • Grumbles at having to do James' work as well as his own when James refuses to come out of the shed. (S2E7)
    • Orders Percy about. When Duck first arrives, Henry decides to have some fun and order him about as well. That is, until Duck and Percy stand up for themselves. (S2E8)
      • Looks down on Duck for making him bustle about and talking endlessly about being Great Western.
    • Tells Bill and Ben to go away and calls them silly things just because they were in a shed specifically for Sir Topham Hatt's engines (which is unexplained).
    • Really rubs Percy's karma in his face. (S2E11)


  • Laughs at Edward for letting cows break his train.
    • Tries damage control when Edward finds his karma funny. (S2E2)
  • Values being on time.
  • Grumbles at having to do James' work as well as his own when James refuses to come out of the shed.
  • Helps James trick Percy for revenge. (S2E7)
  • After this, he bullies Percy quite a bit. When Duck first arrives, Gordon decides to have some fun and order him about. That is, until Duck and Percy stand up for themselves. (S2E8)
      • Looks down on Duck for making him bustle about and talking endlessly about being Great Western.


  • Laughs at Gordon and Henry's incident with the cow. (S2E2)
  • Criticizes Edward for being slow, but after Edward saves James when the latter runs away, the two seem to enter a truce. (S2E5)
  • Thinking that Sir Topham Hatt (supposedly knowing he's a fine engine) wants him to pull a special train, he refuses to come out of the shed (all Percy told him was, "Stay in the shed today, James. Sir Topham Hatt will come and see you.")
  • Gets mad at Percy when it turns out 3 was a trick.
  • Helps Gordon trick Percy for revenge because of 4.
  • After this, he bullies Percy quite a bit. When Duck first arrives, James decides to have some fun and order him about. That is, until Duck and Percy stand up for themselves. (S2E8)
      • Looks down on Duck for making him bustle about and talking endlessly about being Great Western.


  • Is very careful around coal. (S2E1)
  • Is very good friends with Thomas (corresponds with Thomas 2.0)
    • Is eager to get away from the bullying in the yard (link to 4.3) and work with Thomas and Toby. (S2E8)
  • Has a deep respect for Edward ad defends him when James insults him. (S2E5)
  • Has quite an interesting view of the world where his decisions and opinions are right, and his smugness/cheekiness/wrongheadedness is consequence free.
    • Is very cheeky.
      • Used to tease Thomas but doesn't do that anymore. (S2E1) This leads into 2.
      • Loves playing jokes.
      • Is still cheeky despite a reprimanding from Topham (events go into 4.2, S2E7).
      • Cheeks Henry about his fear of the rain.
    • Believes he was chosen especially by Topham to take trucks to Thomas' junction because Topham knows he's a really useful engine. Declines James' offer to explain about backing signals, thinking he knows all about signals. (He falls for it. Shocker.) (S2E7)
    • After this, he subjected to bullying. Gordon, Henry, and James think he's a silly little engine and order him about. Percy is determined to stand up for himself, but he doesn't know how...
    • ...until he meets Duck, who helps Percy stand up to the big engines, settle the matter for good, and escape the bullying. (S2E8)

***This seems to be a contradiction as well considering we've seen Percy defend Edward when James was insulting him before. Though it was weird with Thomas and Percy speaking full sentences in unison.

    • Is very headstrong
      • S2E9
    • Loves talking about himself.
    • Thinks that the rules don't apply to him. Assuaged by the end of the episode.
    • Believes that he can make trucks stop whenever he likes. (S2E11)


  • Laughs at literally every engine's mishaps (S2E1, <-- S2E2 -->), unless if that engine is Edward, who he's quick to defend.


  • Is a very efficient worker.
  • Takes no nonsense from the more big-headed engines.
  • Likes Percy.
  • Is very gentle with the coaches.
  • Never shuts up about being Great Western.


  • Sticks to a commitment that he seriously regrets making but sticks to nonetheless.
    • Is able to take the blame for being late and not blame Edward. (S2E3)


  • Is good friends with Edward.
  • Likes company and work.


  • Thinks that railways are slow and out-of-date, but he isn't mean or the type that wants to see railways be put out of use. (S2E9)
  • Is always ready for action ("Anytime!") and takes his job seriously. (S2E10)

**This applies to both 1 and 2, but Harold is surprisingly humble when he rescues Thomas.

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