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Hi! I'm Nathan, a content mod here, so if you need help just ask on my wall. Or if I'm not available ask, AddictStudios, SmurfyDan or Cinderthomtrooper.
"Duck still wonders about the lands beyond the horizon, but he enjoys being with friends most of all and I think he knows that sometimes the best travels are those we can only dream about."
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Favorite episode All at Sea
Favorite character Duck and Oliver
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About Me

Hello Everyone, I'm Nathan, I'm one of the content mods here. I've been interested in Thomas pretty much all of my life. My Mom and Dad bought me my first Wooden Railway Percy when I was two, and I've been a huge fan and collector of Thomas The Tank Engine ever since. I now collect Wooden Railway, Adventures (Take-Along/ Take-n-Play)  Bachmann/Hornby, ERTL, Minis, and Trackmaster. My YouTube is Ilovetrains323, On there you can find my Trainz Series, Thomas: The Trainz Adventures and my Trackmaster Series. Anyways, thanks for visiting my profile and If you want to, Feel free to leave me a message on my wall. :)

My Friends

  • JD41796 (Jesse A.K.A My Best Friend, Co-Creator of "Tankie")
  • Terrier55Stepney
  • James the Train Lover
  • Supermariokyle100
  • MainlandStudios
  • No1Thomasfan2010
  • TheEngineShed
  • FfarquharEngine
  • BlueBells5529
  • Carson08022000
  • The Steampunk Whovain
  • Steamteam3211
  • SkarloeyRailway01
  • DanCoffey1991
  • Adski702
  • EnterprisingEngine93
  • TheDirtyTrain1

and so many more that I don't have the space to add.

Favorite Characters

Favorite Episodes (TVS)

  1. James In A Mess
  2. A Close Shave
  3. All at Sea
  4. Rock 'n' Roll
  5. Something in the Air
  6. Twin Trouble
  7. Bad day at Castle Loch
  8. Edward The Great
  9. Keeping up with James
  10. Big Strong Henry
  11. Thomas and the Big Bang Or Gordon and the Mechanic
  12. Gordon Takes a Shortcut
  13. Toby's New Whistle
  14. Victor Says Yes
  15. Stuck On You
  16. Flash,Bang,Wallop or Don't Bother Victor
  17. The Thomas Way, Bill or Ben?,and Gone Fishing
  18. Duck and the Slip Coaches, Spencer's VIP, and Samson at Your Service
  19. No Help At All and Diesel's Ghostly Christmas
  20. Useful Railway, Tit for Tat, and Mike's Whistle
  21. The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor and A Shed for Edward
  22. An Engine of Many Colours
  23. Heart of Gold and Steam Team to the Rescue!
  24. TBA

Favorite Fanmade Series

  • Thomas: The Trainz Adventures
  • TDJ (JD41796's Series)
  • Sudrian Stories
  • The Tales of Thomas and Friends
  • Thomas The Trackmaster Engine
  • Sodor: The Early Years/Sodor: The Modern Years
  • NWR Tales
  • Enterprising Engines
  • Railway Adventures on Sodor
  • Thomas in Trainz

 Voices in Fan Series

  • Creator, Writer and Voice actor in Thomas: The Trainz Adventures
  • Percy, Bear and George in Terrier55Stepney's Series
  • Henry, Percy, Diesel, Rex, Trevor, and Toad in Sudrian Stories
  • Percy in Tales of Thomas and his Friends
  • Henry and Percy in The Adventure Continues
  • Oliver and Sir Topham Hatt in Railway Adventures on Sodor
  • Percy, Rusty, and Bertie in Thomas in Trainz
  • Percy and Peter Sam in ShunterProductions' Series
  • Duck in The Stories of the NWR
  • Henry, James, Percy, Bill, Ben, Duncan and a Passenger in Donald9Douglas10's 2017 Halloween Special.
  • Thomas in NostalgiaDude1998's Redub Series
  • Toby and Zip in Liz Production6's Redub Series
  • Peter Sam and Patrick in FfarqhuarEngine's Trainz Episodes
  • Diesel 10 and Philip in TramEngine's Trainz Movies,

Top 5 Favorite Seasons (in order)

Top 5 Least Favorite Seasons (in order)

Top 5 Favorite Specials

Other Interests

  • Real World Engines
  • Mavel Cinematic Universe
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Legend of Korra
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Riverdale

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