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About me

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Hello, I'm Lightening McQueen. I am a fan of Thomas & Friends (at least the original series until 2017), as I like anthromorphic vehicles (like with the Cars films), and I also like the actions and quotes throughout the series, as well as some of the female characters, especially Caitlin, Emily, Nia and Rebecca (though the latter two aren't too enjoyable, especially because they replace Edward and Henry). Thomas is of course my most favourite character because he is the star of the show, as well as that I've always liked him since my childhood. Being autistic, I have been enjoying the show throughout my childhood. In fact, it has been a big part of my childhood.

I even really like the female Indian engine Ashima, as I really like female Indian characters, along with India being one of my favourite foreign countries, plus I think Ashima is one of the kindest engines. I became a big fan of this show during the first years of my childhood, and it's even how I've become a fan of steam trains, even though I hardly get to visit steam railways now. I like both the model series (counting the new series) and the CGI series (some of it anyway), which I like the voices, such as Ben Small for the original UK voice of Thomas in the CGI series, John Hasler for the current UK voice of Thomas, Rob Rackstraw for the current UK voice of James (even being the current US voice of him, despite using a different accent), Tina Desai for the voice of Ashima, Maggie Ollerenshaw for Henrietta, and Teresa Gallagher for the UK voice of Emily and both the UK and US voice of Annie and Clarabel. I even like Keith Wickham's voice for Salty, as I feel that it is perfect for when I think about quiet stuff sometimes (like when he told his story in Misty Island Rescue). When I was younger, I was originally not much used to Salty for some reason, but I'm used to him now, especially after watching "Salty's Stormy Tale". I even like Matt Wilkinson's voice for Diesel 10, and I believe that his quote and voice in the post-credits scene of Misty Island Rescue is again perfect for quiet stuff. I also like Wilkinson's voice for Winston. As I live in the UK, I like having Ringo Starr, Michael Angelis and Mark Moraghan narrating the TV series (though we have John Hasler narrating now, but Mark said he'll still do voice work, like when he voiced Dexter, but I prefer the other narrators), and I like the UK voice cast. Angelis is also my favourite narrator, and may he rest in peace. :'( I also like some of the songs, such as "Accidents Will Happen", "Thomas' Anthem", "Really Useful Engine", "Come for the Ride", "It's Gonna be a Great Day", "Thomas, You're the Leader", "Never Overlook a Little Engine", "You Can Only Be You", "The Hottest Place in Town", "The Most Important Thing is Being Friends" and "Where in the World is Thomas?". I also used to not want to watch "Buzz, Buzz" because of my fear of bees, but I have got used to the episode now, especially after I heard its US narration by George Carlin.

I stopped watching the television series somewhere between 2010 and 2011 because I was concerned about people saying that I would be too old for Thomas, but I got back into watching it in 2013 after hearing a couple of friends at college talking about it, along with my mother telling me that it does not matter how old I am to watch Thomas. Sometimes, it makes me think about the television series having original stories and characters that have not been in The Railway Series, because I thought that film and television companies usually cannot make original stories of franchises based on books. I also really like The Adventure Begins, as I feel interested to see stories from The Railway Series and the original television series adapted into CGI, even noticing a couple of differences (especially when Thomas goes after James' runaway train, which that does not really happen in The Railway Series and the classic television series). I give it five stars, and because I like it so much, I kept on watching it in the first few months of its release. It's probably also my favourite film of the whole franchise!

I also really enjoyed The Great Race, as the plot, songs and characters made it interesting, especially with having Ashima and the Flying Scotsman. Plus, I have enjoyed series 20, especially with that I was happy to watch "Bradford the Brake Van" on TV on Milkshake! when I had to watch the first four episodes online. I've enjoyed all of the episodes of series 21, especially "Dowager Hatt's Busy Day" and "P.A. Problems", as well as Journey Beyond Sodor (they've all been great for my favourite year of 2017!). The intro from series 19 onwards also makes me think about Thomas & Friends being one of my favourite shows. I also like the last three episodes of series 20, as they are the first episodes to be based on Railway Series stories since series 4. I was indeed surprised hearing about Big World! Big Adventures! and what would be happening in series 22, in which half of the episodes would show Thomas in his adventures during the movie, while the other half would show the Island of Sodor but with Edward and Henry replaced in the Steam Team, but I am interested that Ashima returned. However, I will remember that because of all these new elements in series 22 and Big World! Big Adventures!, my best friend, who was also a Thomas & Friends fan, will not watch most of everything after series 21 and Journey Beyond Sodor, because he does not like these new changes in series 22 and Big World! Big Adventures! (though he likes "Forever and Ever" for Gordon being upset about Edward and Henry leaving Tidmouth Sheds, and all of the episodes about Thomas travelling around the world), but he was still a Thomas fan, at least of everything up to series 21 and Journey Beyond Sodor except for some episodes of series 8 and many episodes from series 9-16, until he's now grown out of the show on 1st September 2018 while still liking The Railway Series and still liking to make references to the television show, and that's why I'm praying for them to revert the changes in the show. I'm not too much of a fan of Big World! Big Adventures!, both the film and the series, due to the lack of realism, one bit I did not really like which showed Thomas being pushed by an elephant, the narrator being replaced by John Hasler and Joseph May in Thomas' perspective, as well as that Edward and Henry are no longer part of the Steam Team, but I do like the new theme song as well as the characters Rebecca and Nia, though, and I kind of like the idea of Thomas travelling around the world (especially India and Kenya). The original formats will always be the best in my opinion, with both the model and CGI series, which is why I'll always miss them since series 22 started, and I'll always like them, while praying that the changes will be reverted soon, because I also prefer the engines' old renders and without the rivets and handrails (even the handrails on Percy's tank).

I also like other kids' shows and films, most notably My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (though I will miss it now that it's ended), a number of Disney films (including Frozen, Frozen II and Cars), and a lot of 2017 films, as well as Formula One (and its video games too, especially F1 2017, and I like F1 2019, while I've been to the British Grand Prix in both 2017 and 2019, and I support Lewis Hamilton) and plenty of kid-friendly video games (including the LEGO video games, like LEGO Worlds, and I hope to get LEGO Dimensions). I also hope for the director's cut of Thomas and the Magic Railroad to be released, as a number of fans, including my best friend, are trying to get it released, especially with a petition that would get sent to Mattel to see if they will release it, and plenty of actors who starred in the film have already passed away now, plus I've started to become interested in it too as the years pass. However, on 5th May 2020, I had been told that it got leaked, and so, I watched it, and I loved it despite the unfinished special effects.

Thomas & Friends Collection

I used to have More About Thomas the Tank Engine, but I appeared to have to lost it sometime before 2015, although my paternal grandparents seem to have it along with other The Railway Series books. Otherwise, I currently don't have any of Christopher Awdry's The Railway Series books, although I did read Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree and Thomas and the Evil Diesel (and Bad Days for Thomas and his Friends and More Bad Days for Thomas and his Friends at school, though I wish I had my own copies of them), though I may not have had them at home, and the editions I read had a different illustrator. I also used to have several video cassettes and DVDs containing a selection of episodes, but I no longer had them after I temporarily stopped watching the show in the early 2010s and my family got rid of their VCR. Also, most of the DVDs I used to have were ones with episodes from series 7 and 8-12. It is unlikely that I'll get DVDs of Big World! Big Adventures! and series 22 onwards, since I'd like to focus on getting the DVDs of series 18-21. I prefer to get "complete series" DVDs, which it will probably take until 2020 for the Complete Series 21 DVD to be released, and I plan to possibly get the Thomas' Trusty Friends DVD. I will never plan to get DVDs of series 8 to 12 and 14 to 16, due to them having a lot of episodes which are said to have the characters being out of character and are not very realistic, plus series 13 was already boring with the same formula being used. I also hope to get the book Stay Safe with Thomas.

I even used to have Wooden Railway and Hornby sets of Thomas & Friends (with just one Hornby set consisting of Thomas, Annie and Clarabel), although I wished I have TrackMaster/Motor Road and Rail and more Hornby sets, and getting more Hornby sets is not likely to happen, since they no longer sell Hornby sets of Thomas. Also, I'd prefer Wooden Railway to Wood. And I also played with the Thomas Tells Time book once.

My contributions

My favourite pages

My favourite characters

The Vicarstown Tramway Engines would've been great characters.

to be completed

My favourite episodes and specials

To be completed

Misty Island Rescue is just a few of my least favourites, along with many other episodes made by Nitrogen Studios, though I don't know about Hero of the Rails and "A Blooming Mess. I prefer the ones by Jam Filled Toronto (or Arc Productions before it was renamed in 2016) up to series 21, though "Three Steam Engines Gruff" is not so great. Big World! Big Adventures! also wasn't brilliant. Series 22 has started to grow on me (though not as good as the previous series), and I do actually enjoy the "Thomas goes abroad" episodes. And I don't think I'd really like "Apology Impossible" after hearing an online friend point out James' character in the episode. I also wasn't too keen on "Hunt the Truck"; I just found it very predictable. I also like that extra animation promoting Children in Need 2018, and the Official BBC Children in Need Medley for 2009. And I'll always like series 1-7 and series 17-21, which I will miss the original format, while series 22 is good, and series 23 looks kind of interesting (but I probably won't enjoy it and series 22 as much as the original format), especially with "Digs and Discoveries".

My favourite actors

My favourite songs

My favourite non-Thomas films, TV shows, video games and sports

Note: I'm gonna sort out some of the films on the list when I get the chance, because some of them are not in order and also outdated.

Black Panther was okay. However, I probably won't watch much of the Marvel movies. I wasn't too much of a fan of Hannah Montana: The Movie and Inspector Gadget 2 either. I used to like Family Guy, but I'm not much of a fan of it anymore. I don't plan on watching any episodes of My Little Pony: Pony Life despite seeing several clips from it; it's just not as perfect Friendship is Magic in my opinion. I also look forward to Dora and the Lost City of Gold (which I have on Blu-ray). I prefer most of Disney's original animated films to their live-action remakes, though I do like Cinderella and 101 Dalmatians, but I do not plan to watch the live-action Mulan anytime soon.

to be completed

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