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Hey everyone! You might know me as either PercyandDuckfan94or Percyfan94. I've been a member on Wikia a while ago, but never really used it that much until I've decided to help out on this one.

My main purpose here is to help maintain and edit pages so that fans can know about any detail of any character, episode, actor, etc.

I'm also the founder for Big Idea Wikia, where you can learn all about your favorite characters, shows, and episodes from the people who did VeggieTales.

I'm also a member from SiF, known as cartoonic945.

My thoughts on the new stuff on Thomas since 2002

“You can't please ALL the people, ALL the time.”
―Phil Vischer

I'm one of those fans who tolerate any of the additions/changes to Thomas and Friends ever since Hit Enterainment.


I think most of the characters from the Miller era are fantastic and greatly designed. I'm just disappointed that they're either not used in the right way (eg. The Logging Locos and Freddie) or not used more than one episode (eg. Molly and Dennis).
However, I also didn't like how they're being treated badly towards the fandom. For example, the Logging Locos are being treated like dirt in recent years because they're just a rip-off from Edward, Bill and Ben. To me, I see them more as a comedic trio rather than bland clones of Bill, Ben, and Edward. Hopefully, with Andrew Brenner as headwriter, he'll fix it up and bring those characters come to life, just like how he did with Paxton. Just don't write them off completely.


The music done by Robert Hartshorne is pretty good to me when they changed the music. A lot of fans didn't like as much as the music from Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell. To be honest, I was kinda bored of their original music pieces when the seventh season came here. The main issue I have with them in the later years of the show is that some of the music scores aren't that original anymore. Yeah, Robert may've done the same thing, but at least he's trying to create fresh music.

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