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  • I live in In a Pineapple under the sea.
  • My occupation is *Occasionally using my time to be a Hardcore Thomas Fan and Historian online. *Collector of Film, working in the effort to preserve important and historical videos/footage, any way i can.
  • I am a Luxurious Sports Car
“A long time ago, a little engine was returning home. It was a misty moonlit night. As the engine crossed the old iron bridge, he suddenly lost control and plunged over the side into the swamp below, He was never found again. But many a workmen will tell you that, when the moon is full, they've seen the little engine trying to get home. But he never reaches the other side.

―Rusty's Ghost Story, Duncan Gets Spooked, Fifth Season

My Life with Thomas...

I grew up with the classic series, and began watching Thomas when i was just a few years old. Some of the first items i got were Tomy Sets & Engines, followed by Ertl, Wooden Railway, Take Along, Take-N-Play, as well as various other ranges, until i had a whole arsenal of Thomas Merchandise. When i got older, i became a huge railway enthusiast, as well as a Die heart Railway Series & Television Series fan, as well as having a vast knowledge of Railway and Locomotive Anatomy & Information. I am very enthusiastic about adding trivia and articles to the Wikia

My Collection:

Wooden Railway


  • Fred Pelhay


  • Thomas


  • Diesel 10 (2007 Box Originally)


  • Percy
  • Salty
  • Henry
  • Gordon (With Character Card)


  • Spencer (With Character Card)
  • Lady (Came with A Big Day for Thomas DVD)
  • Elizabeth


  • 60th anniversary Henry
  • 60th anniversary Silver Percy (Came With Percy Takes the Plunge DVD)
  • "Celebrating 60 Years Percy (With Thomas' Snowy Suprises and Other Adventures DVD NIB)
  • Fergus (NIB with character card)


  • Adventures of Thomas Pack
  • Giggling-Troublesome Trucks
  • Battery-Operated Salty


  • Billy


  • Hiro


  • Toby
  • Dash and the Jumping jobi Wood


  • Culdee
  • Thomas Engine Gift Pack


  • Bertram


  • Origins James
  • Trevor

Collectors Checklists:

  • 2005 Collectors Checklist x3. Note: 2 of the checklists are the same, ones different
  • 2008 Collectors Checklist x2
  • 2011 Yearbook


2002: Thomas X2. (One is a factory error, with the gold talking Thomas couplings.) Annie. Sodor Line Caboose. Terence. Donald. Gordon.

2003: Salty. (From the Cranky the Crane Set.) The Breakdown Train. (2 Breakdown Train flatbeds only.) George.

2004: Alfie. Murdoch. (No Tender.) Tar and Fuel Tankers. (with Fuel Tanker Character Card.) Shark Car. Fergus.

2005: Diesel X2. (with 1 Character Card.) Thomas and Paint Car. (Paint- Splattered Thomas only.)

2006: Max and Monty. Oil Car (with Character Card.) Mail Car X2. Cranky. (with Cranky the Crane set.) Bulstrode. (with Cranky the Crane set.) Mighty Mac X2. Yellow Cargo Car X2. (with Cranky the Crane set.) Rheneas. Talking Thomas. Jack Jumps In ‘Movie Car’.

2007: Poppin’ Popcorn Car. Rocky. (Rocky only.) Daisy. Peter Sam. Stepney.

2008: Sir Handel with Apple Car. Hector X3. (Only 1 coal piece.) Madge. (Flatbed only.) Billy. Stanley. (With defective back magnet.) Fireworks Car. Holiday on Sodor. (Holiday Percy & Holiday Caboose.) Whiff.

2009: D199.

Rheneas and the Dinosaur Cars. Sodor Timber Company Car. Coal Dust Toby. James Goes Buzz Buzz. Sodor Smelting Yard Car.

[Collectors Checklist]

Motor Road & Rail

1998: Henry. Gordon. Percy. James with Brown Cattle Van & Black Brakevan.

2001: Edward.

Motor Road & Rail/TrackMaster Rolling Stock

Faceless Troublesome Tarped Truck, Blue Log Truck, Slate Truck, Green Truck [From Thomas' Big Haul, I don't have the full pack I don't have any of the cargo, except for the bricks, I also don't have the model of thomas that came with it, nor the 2 Ft of track.] Annie & Clarabel [From Thomas' Railway Fun Set] Elephant Statue on Wellwagon [From Duncan in “Runaway Elephant”] Log Car [From Duncan in “Runaway Elephant” Fuel Tanker [Came with Trackmaster Diesel] Tar Tanker [Came With Old-Style Trackmaster Stanley] Black Brakevan. [Came With MR&R James] Cattle Van. [Came With MR&R James] Dumper Car [From MR&R Sodor Quarry Loader destination] Circus Van [From Rosie's Funfair Special Pack/ Note: I got this at a thrift shop and only own this piece of rolling stock, from that pack] Troublesome Trucks X2 [ Came With MR&R Ben, One Laughing Troublesome Truck, And one Sad Faced Troublesome Truck, came with a few MR&R track pieces and 2 SCC Company china clay, however one of mine is cargo pieces for this is missing] Green Log Car [From the Trackmaster Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure Set. Comes With Log Cargo Piece] Interactive Red Truck [with Crown Cargo Piece, From Quest for the crown set] Red Cargo Car [ Came With Avalanche Escape Set, And fossil cargo piece] Orange Cargo Car [From Shipwreck Rails Set, comes with removable treasure chest cargo] Yellow Salt Van and Red Flatbed with Stone [From Timothy (Greatest Moments Pack)] Dark Red Boxcar [Came with my 2008(TrackMaster [HiT Toy Company] Version) Mining Car [with stone piece, came from Thomas' Midnight Ride Set] Red & Yellow Flatbed with Stegosaurus, and T-Rex Statues [From Samson (Greatest Moments) Pack] Grey Hay Wellwagon and Red Coal Truck [From The Original Thomas (Greatest Moments) Pack] The Following Items Came from the Trackmaster Brendam Shipping Co. Pack: Brown Fish Truck with Crate of Fish. Yellow Sodor Shipping Co. Truck with Crate of Lobster. Flatbed with Ice Crate.

Trackmaster & Tomy sets, & Track Packs

Thomas ' Midnight set [A.K.A. Haunted Mine Track] Avalanche Escape Set Zip Zoom and Logging Adventure Thomas At Action Canyon Castle Quest Set [A.K.A Quest for the crown set.] Runaway Boulder. Sodor Quarry Loader [Destination] Thomas' Railway Fun Set. Thomas Engine Wash set. [Motor Road & Rail Version.] Risky Rails bridge drop [ Formely/included Thomas and red cargo car.] Shipwreck Rails Set [X2; One of the sets is defective.] Spin And Fix Thomas. Bridge Expamsion Pack. Swich Track Pack.


2012 Luke Ferdinand Sir Handel's day at the quarry. [3 pack] ThomasX3 [one Normal/BMM Version/castle set version/ limited edition golden.] Percy X3 [one custom/One Circular Magnet.] Talking Flynn [2013 Christmas present] 2012 - 2014 Belle Talking Diesel 10 [2011-2012 version /birthday gift] Winston Timothy [ in packaging] Smelly Scruff [ in packaging] Edward And The Jobi Log [Car only/ from a multi pack I got] Percy's catapult cargo [2013 Christmas gift/ in box] Millie [2013 Christmas gift] Connor [2012 birthday gift] Stephen and the treasure [2013 Christmas gift/3pack] Rusty Stephen [2013 Christmas gift] Stafford Winston Gator's Mysterious Cargo [in packaging] Talking Spencer [ in packaging] Norman Talking James With Castle Crest [ in packaging] Butch [2013 Box] Dash Victor Kevin 2011 Paxton [in DOTD packaging] Diesel [from Dieselworks set.] Culdee [ in packaging] Big City Engine. [in packaging] Salty Mavis Captain Talking Ferdinand [Factory error on box saying its a talking gordon.] Class 40 [ In Box] Special Edition Golden Thomas [ In Box] Special Edition Silver Thomas [In original promotional box] Philip [ In Box] Skiff [ In Box] Toad [ In 2013 Box] [2011 Collectors checklist X4/ 2012 Collectors Checklist/2013 Collectors Checklist X2]


A Big Day For Thomas [Came with Wooden Railway 2003 Lady] Trackside Tunes Thomas & His Friends Help Out Come Ride The Rails Thomas' Snowy Suprise & Other Adventures Rusty To The Rescue Cranky Bugs & Other Thomas Stories [VHS & DVD version] Thomas' Sodor Celebration! James & The Red Balloon & other Thomas Stories. [Cover copied and turned all grey.] TRACK * STARS Carnival Capers Thomas And The Magic Railroad X2 [2 Cases But 1 Disk.] Engines And Escapades Mud Glorious Mud Calling All Engines X2 [1 DVD version and one VHS version] Hooray For Thomas & Other Adventures Percy Takes The Plunge [Came with 60th anniversary wooden silver percy.] ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS Hero Of The Rails The Movie Merry Christmas Thomas STEAM TEAM COLLECTION 4 Pack the Greatest Stories Trouble On The Tracks Tale Of The Brave The Movie Percys Chochlate Crunch & Oher Thomas Adventures Blue Mountain Mystery The Movie. King of the Railway The Movie Best Of Percy [VHS no cover] IT'S GREAT TO BE AN ENGINE! [VHS] Thomas' Christmas Party & Other Favorite Stories [VHS] New Friends For Thomas & Other Adventures[VHS] The Great Discovery [taped on VHS] Sing-Along & Stories [VHS] Dinos & Discoveries/ Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure. [2 Pack Bundle] Races Rescues & Runaways [Booklet Only.]


Salty Thomas Percy Diesel Toby Mavis Victor Kevin Emily Harold James Cranky Troublesome Truck.

Mega Blocks Sets: Working Hard At the Sodor SteamWorks [Came with Victor & Kevin] Toby Hard At Work [Came With Toby & Blue Truck] Cranky At The Docks. [Came With Cranky & Salty.]


1999: The Great Festival Adventures.

2003: Thomas Saves The Day

2005: Calling All Engines.

2006: Right on Time.


Thomas. Toby.


1992 Thomas & friend bed sheets X2. The Thomas Magazine issue#??? Thomas & Friends Blanket. Wheeled Thomas Backpack. 1998 Thomas pull-along toy/with Annie-and Clarabel. Thomas Numbers Game. [Board Game] Thomas and friends 2012 Calender. Thomas Collectors Cards [2012 cards: Toby bio card, , Gordon ,steam team card, James Tattoo, James, Edward.] Thomas wind up engine and platform [from 4th birthday cake.] Thomas and Friends Tattoo's [Formely Diesel 10 , and Thomas. 2012, James (Currently)] Thomas ball. [with James , Percy , and Thomas on it.] Thomas Aqua Draw [Thomas and Playmat only] Thomas' Sticker Express [Coloring Book/Over 700 Stickers.] Travel with Thomas [Coloring Book] Thomas Birthday Card [has sound effects/2004 version.] DOWT Thomas Hat.

My First Uno: Thomas & Friends Edition. [Damaged Cover/ 38 total cards.] 2 Thomas & Friends Shirts. Thomas and friends Spin-Toothbrush [2009 Version] Thomas and friends Toothbrush [Plays Engine Rollcall] 2004 Thomas and friends Blue and Yellow sunglasses. Thomas & Friends Drinking cup X2 Various Thomas & Friends Stickers [CGI and non CGI/ CGI Percy and Charlie/ and non CGI 2009 James, and Thomas] TTTE bath toy with Thomas, Percy, and cranky. Thomas & Friends Learn & Explore Vtech Toy Laptop. X2 2015 Thomas Christmas Ornament


engines at the station [puzzle] 2 in a box jigsaw puzzle: passing through and passing by [puzzle] Night work {puzzle/glow in the dark] Thomas Meets With Friends [puzzle] Off To Work X2 [puzzle] Thomas and the Chinese dragon [puzzle] The Midnight Ride Of Thomas The Tank Engine [super 100 piece Puzzle/glow in the dark/1980s/90s puzzle]


1987: Thomas’ ABC Book.

1989: Trouble for Thomas and Other Stories.

1990: Happy Birthday, Thomas! (Step into Reading cover.)

1992: Tell the Time with Thomas.

1993: James in a Mess and Other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories.

1994: New Tracks for Thomas.

1996: Thomas The Tank Engine: The Complete Collection.

2000: The Cranky Day and other Thomas the Tank Engine stories. (Alternate cover with image from Thomas And Stepney.)

2001: A Crack in The Track. Thomas Breaks a Promise.

2003: Percy's Chocolate Crunch and other Thomas the Tank Engine stories.

2005: Calling All Engines! Railway Rhymes. Songs From the Station.

2006: Blue Train, Green Train. Thomas' Big Storybook.

2007: Bulgy Rides Again.

2010: Lost at Sea! Hero of the Rails.

Thomas' Top Tracks [Book] Thomas The Tank Engine [Board Book]


2000 Dodge 1995 Duke Scrap Trevor [in portrait packaging.] Crane Water Towers accsessories set.


2015 Series 1: Winter Paxton.

2015 Series 4: Winter Edward.

2016 Series 1: Racing Percy. Sweets Sidney.

2016 Series 2: Graffiti Toby. Sports Bash.

2016 Series 3: Blow Pop James. Tootsie Percy.

2016 Series 4: Creature Stanley. Creature Troublesome Truck. Electrified Henry. Special Edition Platinum Thomas.

2017 Series 1: Duck. Tootsie Roll Pop Luke.

8 Pack – 2: Racing Thomas. Robot Henry. Gordon. Metallic James. Toby. Neon Iron Bert. Spooky Salty. Gator.

3-Pack 7: Chocolate Percy. Creature Samson. Salty. (Turned into custom Salty.)

Glow in the Dark: Glow in the Dark Thomas. Glow in the Dark Percy. Glow in the Dark James. Glow in the Dark Paxton. Glow in the Dark Charlie.

Collector Checklists: MTBA 2015 Series/1-2 X1. 2015 Series 3-4 X1. 2016 series/1- 2 X2.


2017: Hugo. Henrietta.

Lego Duplo

Toby At Wellsworth station. [Set] Toby (From the above set.)

Take-N-Play Sets'

Totally Tidmouth [tidmouth sheds/percy at great waterton/cranky at the docks. Sets included.] Knatford station [came with percy/2013 christmas gift.] the great quarry climb The Dieselworks Rumbling Gold Mine Run X2 Thomas' Adventure Castle. Roaring Dino Run. Daring Dragon Drop.

Take-Along Sets'

Sodor Engine Wash. Sodor Engine Works. Cranky The Crane Set.

Under Construction.

Thoughts on Big World Big Adventures! & Season 22

Big World Big Adventures to me, seems like a somewhat interesting, but unnecessary idea, and having a whole season based off it, doesn't make it any better. It does appear it will bring more character development to new characters, as well as the international engines. Based on what we currently know, it seems as if the show, is slowly going back into the miller era. If they had to make a whole season of it, i think it would have been best to wait to do this, and instead focus on more new Sodor stories, as well as more Awdry Stories. The premise of the special, with Thomas repeatedly breaking the fourth wall, to point out obvious things, seems like it would be a even worse step than the miller era, as well as sounding Dora the explorer ish, (As many people in the Fandom have pointed out.) But we will see if my mind changes on this or not, when it's released.)

Prices i've payed on items

This is were i track when i bought items, and the price payed:

October 2017:

  • Adventures Adapter-Pack (Free)

November 2017:

  • Thomas, Percy and the Dragon and Other Stories (2006 DVD; $2; 11/4/17)
  • Come Ride the Rails ($2; 11/4/2017)

Christmas Eve 2017:

  • Ertl Rusty
  • Adventures Merlin
  • Ertl City of Truro (NIB;Original Packaging)
  • TrackMaster Steelworks Hurricane
  • TrackMaster Helpful Harvey

Christmas 2017:

  • Adventures Theo
  • TrackMaster Lexi
  • Ertl 1990 Percy
  • Ertl 1990 Thomas
  • Ertl Sixteen
  • Journey Beyond Sodor
  • Adventures Train Maker Racing Pack
  • TrackMaster Merlin the Invisible
  • Ertl 1990 Toby
  • Ertl Henrietta
  • MINIS 2015 Advent Calendar
  • Ertl Keyring Collection James (NIB;Unpunched).

Birthday 2018:

Christmas 2018:

  • Adventures Lexi
  • Adventures Nia
  • Adventures Shane
  • Adventures Special Edition Rainbow Thomas
  • Trackmaster Boat & Sea Set
  • Ertl 1990 Gordon
  • Ertl 1990 Henry
  • Ertl Douglas
  • Ertl Bertie
  • Ertl Bulgy
  • Ertl Diesel 10
  • Ertl Canal Boat
  • TrackMaster Yong Bao the Hero

Birthday 2019:

Christmas Eve 2019:

  • Ertl Peter Sam
  • Ertl Sir Handel
  • Ertl Duncan
  • Ertl Rheneas
  • TrackMaster Gina (Greatest Momemnts)
  • TrackMaster Lorenzo & Beppe (Greatest Moments)
  • Take-Along Iron 'Arry
  • Take-Along Iron Bert
  • Big World! Big Adventures! US DVD

Christmas 2019: Ertl 1990 Percy (STS Packaging) Ertl Class 40 Ertl Oliver Ertl Clarabel Ertl Trevor Ertl Terence Ertl Harold Ertl Mail Coaches Ertl Donald Ertl Douglas Ertl Diesel Ertl Mavis Ertl Toad Ertl Troublesome Truck Ertl Bill Ertl 1990 Edward Ertl 1990 Henry (Dark-Green Version) Ertl 1990 Gordon Ertl 1990 James Ertl Bertie Ertl 1990 Toby Ertl Henrietta Ertl 1990 Thomas Ertl Duke Ertl Caroline Ertl Culdee Ertl Godred Ertl George Ertl Skarloey (Portrait Packaging) Sealed Ertl Track Ertl Gold Rail Percy Ertl Scrap Trevor (With 2nd Edition Flatbed) Ertl Sir Topham Hatt's Car Ertl Carry Case Thomas' Halloween Adventures (2018 DVD)

STS Ertl Character Cards:

  • Duncan
  • Sir Handel
  • Peter Sam
  • Sodor Mail Coaches
  • George
  • Culdee
  • Godred
  • Troublesome Trucks
  • Terence
  • Henrietta
  • Diesel
  • Bertie
  • Douglas
  • Toby
  • Edward
  • Henry

Ertl Portrait Character Cards:

  • Scrap Trevor
  • Class 40

Misconceptions in fandom history

This is where i record common (and uncommon) misconceptions that people have had in the fandom's history, that i just want to laugh at because most of them are so weird/funny

  • In 2009 people thought Duke was going to return to the show, due to the fact that their was an increase in Merchandise of him being released.
  • Before Tale of the Brave Was Released, people spotted a steam-shovel in the distance of an illustration, and thought Ned was returning
  • When an image of Gator was released for the first time, people thought he was a new character called Henrietta (But it turned out the character that already had that name was getting a face.)
  • Random people immoderately jumping to the conclusion that Thomas & Ashima are dating, before even seeing the movie
  • Journey Beyond Sodor being a special that takes place in outer-space.
  • People speculating that Hannah is a Brake-Van, before an image was even released.
  • Sometime back, people incorrectly thought that Flora would be returning to the CGI Series, because of the following image [[1]]
  • Big World, Big Adventures being a spin-off
  • The February 20th 2018 Mike O'Donnell death hoax in the fandom, which resulted in the hoaxer having social media accounts suspended.
  • People mishearing Beresford's name when the JBS trailer was first released and thought he was named 'Barrowsmith' until his voice-actor announced what his actual name was, after fans asked..
  • Before Journey Beyond Sodor was released, people speculated that Hurricane might have been based upon the GWR Hurricane Locomotive.
  • When the character Duchess was confirmed for the first time, people immediately began speculating it was really the Duchess of Hamilton at first without evidence (It later turned out to be a similair character/perhaps vaguely based off the original character/real locomotive).
  • On February 28th 2020, people in the fandom began randomly speculating and worrying that Duck's model would be sent to Drayton Manor, despite the fact that there was no evidence, nor any reason to think this would happen.

Articles I've created

Categories created:

  • Awdry Family
  • Press My Nose Board Books

Other notable wikia contributions:

  • First to recognize the fact that Bill & Ben's models had builder plates on their cab in the classic series.
  • Discovered the possibility that the Rheneas Sheds in the television series might be based upon the Duffield Railway Engine Sheds.
  • First to discover the date in which King of the Railway took place, based on a Newspaper The Earl was reading in that special.
  • First to realize the model later used for Queen Elizabeth II in Series 4, was actually constructed before Series 1 construction began, and can be seen in the very first episode of the show.
  • Realized it was also amongst the crowd of party-goers in Lady Hatt's Birthday Party.
  • First to Realize, what appears to be, a battery-pack on the back-side of the Cab on Percy's Ghost Engine in the Series 2 episode "Ghost Train".
  • First to Realize the goof pertaining to Mr. Bubbles in the Series 24 special "A New Arrival".
  • First to realize the sound effect used as the Siren in Emily to the Rescue is the same as the one in the TUGS episode Munitions.

Favorite Episodes from each Season

Season 1

Thomas and Gordon
The Sad Story of Henry
Thomas and the Breakdown Train
The Flying Kipper

Toby and the Stout Gentleman

Dirty Objects (One of the Best Episodes of the Show)

Season 2 

Saved from Scrap

Duck Takes Charge
Percy Takes the Plunge
Pop Goes the Diesel
Dirty Work
A Close Shave
Thomas Comes to Breakfast
The Diseasel
Woolly Bear
Season 3 
Gordon and the Famous Visitor
Donald's Duck
Diesel Does it Again
Henry's Forest
Edward, Trevor, and the Really Useful Party
Buzz, Buzz
Tender Engines
Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
Season 4 
Sleeping Beauty
Home at Last
Rock 'n' Roll
Steam Roller
Bowled Out
Toad Stands By
Bulls Eyes
Special Attraction
Season 5 
James and the Trouble with Trees

Horrid Lorry

Bye George!
Put Upon Percy
Toby and the Flood
Haunted Henry
Stepney Gets Lost
Something in the Air
Duncan gets Spooked
Rusty and the Boulder
Season 6 
Salty's Secret
Harvey to the Rescue
No Sleep for Cranky
Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry
Jack Jumps In
A Friend in Need
Scaredy Engines
Gordon Takes a Tumble
Percy's Chocolate Crunch
Thomas the Jet Engine
Season 7 
Toby's Windmill
James and the Queen of Sodor
The Spotless Record
Rheneas and the Roller Coaster

Trusty Rusty

Bulgy Rides Again
Best Dressed Engine
Gordon and Spencer

Season 8Thomas and the TubaPercy's New WhistleThomas to the RescueHenry and the Whishing TreeJames Gets a New CoatThomas Saves the DayPercy's Big MistakeGordon Takes ChargeEdward the GreatSqueak, Rattle, and RollToo Hot for ThomasPercy and the Magic Carpet

Season 9-11Haven't watched the majority of these Seasons in like Over a decade, so i'd have to watch them again in order to decide if i have any favorites from them.Season

12Henry Gets it WrongJames Works it OutGordon Takes a Shortcut

Season 13Creaky CrankyTickled PinkThe Lion of SodorDouble Trouble (Because Lowham Hatt, duh).Steamy SodorSnow Tracks

Season 14It's not a horrible Season, but it's not very great either, more of a take-it or leave-it situation.

Season 15Spencer the GrandStop That Bus!Stuck on YouKevin the Steamie

Season 16Bust My Buffers!Percy and the CalliopeSalty's SurpriseWelcome StaffordDon't Bother Victor!Happy Birthday Sir!The Christmas Tree Express

Season 17Wayward WinstonGordon Runs DrySteamie StaffordHenry's HeroLuke's New FriendThe SwitchThe Lost PuffThe Phantom ExpressPercy's Lucky DayThe Missing Christmas DecorationsThe Frozen Turntable

Season 18Old Reliable EdwardFlatbeds of FearDisappearing DieselsSignals CrossedToad's AdventureDuck and the Slip Coaches

Season 19Who's Geoffrey?The Truth About TobyHenry Spots TroubleA Cranky ChristmasDen and DartHelping HiroSlow StephenDiesel's Ghostly ChristmasGoodbye Fat Controller

Season 20Sidney SingsToby's New FriendBradford the Brake VanSaving TimeLove Me TenderTit for Tat (One of the Best episodes of the show)Mike's WhistleUseful RailwayThe Christmas CoffeepotOver the Hill

Season 21Runaway EngineP.A. ProblemsHasty HannahCranky at the End of the LineNew Crane on the DockThe Fastest Red Engine on SodorA Shed for EdwardTerence Breaks the Ice

Season 22Forever and EverAn Engine of Many ColorsSeeing is BelievingThe Case of the Puzzling PartsHunt the Truck

Season 23Free the RoadsHeart of GoldOut of SiteFirst Day on SodorDeep TroubleSteam Team to the RescueAll Tracks Lead to RomeMines of Mystery

Season 24Thomas and the Royal Engine (One of the Best Episodes of the Show)A New ArrivalWorld of TomorrowJames the Super Engine

Favorite Thomas Quotes

“Duck still wonders about the lands beyond the horizon, but he enjoys being with friends most of all and I think he knows that sometimes the best travels are those we can only dream about. Don't you?

All at Sea, The narrator
“We should have left this part of the island alone...;They moved Boulder to a hill close by the yards. Rusty is sure that on a clear night, it is gazing up at the mountain and that its size are being carried by the wind to where it once used to stand proud and silent. I wonder if Rusty is right, don't you?”
Rusty and the Boulder, STH & The narrator
“He wondered if he'd ever be allowed to pull trains again, but i think he deserved his punishment, don't you?”
The Sad Story of Henry, The narrator
“We steam engines were the latest thing, and people were worried about us. We didn't always work right, or at all! We were brand new and experimental, but we soon proved we were stronger and faster than horses!”
―Stephen's flashback, King of the Railway
“Other engines came and went, but Duke outlasted them all.”
―The author, Granpuff, Duke the Lost Engine
“You are a troublesome engine! You are rude, conceited, and much too big for your wheels!”
The Thin Controller, Sir Handel, Four Little Engines
“Some engines i worked with, even exploded, Ka-Pow!”
Stephen, Cautious Connor
“(Laughing) Goodbye Thomas! I'll always 'Treasure' the good times we had”
Sailor John, Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
“But I didn't like his looks. He's got no dome! Never trust domeless engines, they're not respectable!”
Gordon mocks City of Truro, Gordon and the Famous Visitor, third season
“How can it be? Boulders don't have eyes!"
"That's as may be, Percy, but there's something strange about this one.”
Percy and Rusty, Rusty and the Boulder, fifth season
“I'm sorry tree! I'm Sorry!”
Terence talking to inanimate objects, Terence Breaks the Ice, Season 21.
“"No. 2", said Duke. "Was American and very cocky. He rode roughly and often came off the rails. I warned him to be careful!"

"Listen, bud!", he drawled. "In the States, we don't care a dime for a few spills!" "We do here! I said, but he just laughed. But he didn't laugh when the Manager said he was going to take away his wheels and said he was going to make him useful at last." "W-w-why? What did he do?!" "He turned him into a pumping engine, that's what! He's still there behind our shed." Stuart and Falcon were unusually good for several days.””

―Duke describing Stanley (narrow gauge), Granpuff, Duke the Lost Engine.
“It's as tame as a pet rabbit!”
―- Duncan, Duncan Gets Spooked

Favorite TUGS quotes

“ The accident was caused by a few hasty words, and bad temper. Orders may be orders, but they don't supersede common sense. Bluenose was right in his way, as were Ten Cents and O.J. right in theirs'. But common sense from all three would have prevented the fire starting. Always respect fire. If you don't, it will destroy you, your surroundings, and your friends.”
―Captain Star, Munitions
“What's devious is what's necessary to make an honest living in these days of corruption and bad business ethics!”
―Captain Zero, Sunshine
“You naval twit! You scraped a brand-new barge deliberately!”
―Ten Cents, Munitions

My Collection (In Images):

Wikia's i have created

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